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Got up to 70 or so today, I suppose, not hardly a breeze.. Boys and I kicked a bunch of pairs into the next pasture and kicked the first calf heifer pairs out… I fed and then took the big forklift and hauled rocks.. almost tipped it over on it’s side.. Molly was riding with me and abandoned ship… I will be more careful now! Went dow to Tate’s and he had a fire and ate a burger and watched the grandkids jump and swing.. Gabe did several forward flips on the tramp and landed on his feet.. he is way too handy.. the Men’s groups went to a local ranch and we did a bunch of shooting at targets on Sunday. Gabe got to go and shot a target at 800 years. They had a 300 Win Mag all set at the distance and i shot a target at a 1000 yards… it was fun and we had a good meeting afterwards . The last set in the video series we’ve been watching, for the season, we will start up again this fall, tho’ we may get together thru’ the summer if it works out for everyone. Cindy is off to her ladies group this evening… got a bunch of bran dings coming up in the next couple weeks… went o the first one last Saturday. Sure was a good one.. it helped that all I had to do was rope… sure let the wrestlers not have to work to hard when I am roping! 😀

Cindy qwoke me up at 4 to let me know we had no water… I went down and threw the breaker on the pump and there was a snap… that’s when I looked at it and the pump and the pressure tank were leaning over, all broke off from the water lines…. hmmm.. not sure how it happened.. maybe we have an animal like a cat that comes under the house into the basement.. Lord knows, there are some holes in the foundation big enough if they really wanted in, I am sure they could get there.. anyway, I let Tate and Chance know, they are working on it I guess. I had to go put some cows back in, off the neighbor.. fixed some fence., but it really wasn’t that bad.. drove on the other side of the creek and it was laid down for a long ways.. and tangled.. I fixed it all up as best you can on old rusty wire and it wasn’t good when it was new.. that cheap light crap… while I was at it, I fixed some up along the road that was still holding cowes but barely and looking ratty.. now, I came in the house and no son’s.. maybe they had to run to town for parts.. guess I will see if I can go to Tate’s and dig a hole and install a cattle guard… hate to see him get fired for not working.. 😉

Chance and I went and kicked a bunch of pairs north into the next pasture.. brought home a cow of Tates who’s stoopid and never knows where her calf is.. not sure what the deal is this time, but we got some milk out of her, brought the calf in and fed a little to him.. a few minutes ago when I looked he was sucking.. Tate needs to cull her.. she’s a pain every year… I went to Punkin Center and got the oil changed in Teddy and some different hind shoes on him.. the others didn’t hardly have any tread left.. then when I got back me and AB ( Addy Bear) took some bean down to the cows and then I hauled big rocks in, then went and harnessed up the team and hauled a bale up west and trotted all over looking around.. everything seemed to be hunky dorry. For some reason I am tired.. must have missed out on my nap!

Here’s one from this morning.. he wasn’t even licked off when I tagged him and he’s got a real good Momma!!


We get some calves, we kick some pairs out, we kick some pairs across there road, we get some calves, we kick some pairs out…… etc…. oh, yeah, and the wind blows! 😀

I did sneak off on Sunday and ran down to Hill City for a jam session… had fun, heard some new stuff, met some new musicians.. got a gig lined up for this summer, sounds like… it was a good day.

Went and checked cows this morning then drove to Sturgis andy took Cindy to an appointment.. I dropped my glasses off to get repaired from the last wreck they got into then sat and read until she was done.,  we hurried over to another appointment we had then picked up my glasses and got some stuff for Tate for the house… then grabbed a quick bite and headed back to Sturgis. I got my pickup where I’d left it and headed home. When I got home I saddled Mijo and rode south to try and kick some pairs out of the drop bunch… there are getting to be way tool many in there.. I got them all up north but there were too many cows in the way for me to get them out so I finally got ahold of Kass on my phone and told her to send reinforcements.. pretty soon as I was driving one to the gate Tate and Chance showed up horseback and we went to kicking out pairs.  Worked real good with three of us as someone was always in position to guard the gate while bringing a pair.. got them all but one or maybe two that were real fresh born and wouldn’t travel.. did kick out several that were born today, some of these 3 year olds I am leasing really can get out and travel and their calves about like them… I have to run back to Rapid on Friday morning for a Therapy session, the shoulder is getting better but it’s slow going.. but I guess it took 57 years to get in the shape it is so it will probably take quite awhile to get it back to where it’s better than not was… While I was gone Tate and Chance got the top plate on the basement of the house.. things are about to start popping around here..!

I rode out this morning in the wind to see if I could kick some pairs out of the drop bunch or maybe some across the road that we kicked out yesterday.. I rode up west and set my gates and there they were!  5 pairs laying and chewing their cud just wanting to cross the road… real simple deal… right? I slipped around them, the calves all got up. The mama’s took their calves and headed out… all but one, no big deal, I will get these first 4 and come back for her… get them all across and they take off in a trot… all but one calf.. and he’s real stoopid! I finally catch him, tie two legs together with my piggin’ string and leave him lay…. lope north, find his mother and bring her back.. she finds him and almost won’t let me get off my horse to untie him.. I get him loose and head out south again.. I see three cows by  the springs and go to them, but they ain’t got no calves with them… so I belier like a calf in distress, they throw their heads up (two of them) and head out towards where they’d left their calves lying…. on the way over to them I see a cow down in the next pasture trotting our way… yup, it’s the dummy who wasn’t sure where her calf was yesterday and when we throw them together she wasn’t real sure she wanted him.. we left them and hoped for the best.. I go let her in the right pasture, she saunters up to the other cows and her calf and don’t even look at him.. he gets up, poor skinny little bugger and tries to suck, but she pushes him off.. oh well, I wil head them north and take her home, some way.. it’s a slow trip.. but I finally get all three up here across the road.. of course none of them have ever crossed the road there or been thru’ that gate, all new cows… Tate is off cutting timbers close by and they don’t like the sound of his mill, even tho’ it’s quite a ways away.. Cindy is out there watching him (it fascinates her) I finally get one pair (the mama who don’t want her baby and her baby) thru the gate and of course they head west up the road, I get them turned back and a miracle occurs! She goes the right way! I wave wildly at Cindy with motions to get over here.. she jumps in her outfit and gets there and I holler to go set gates for me so I can pen her.. the cow beats her to the gate, turns up the fence and I get her stopped, Cindy gets the gate and I holler to go get another one.. she takes off, we go thru’, the cow misses the turn and heads north, but I get her turned in time and I holler at Cindy to open that gate! (it’s real handy to have lots of gates, never know when you’ll need one in that spot!) She ran thru’ another gate that was open and I didn’t know it was. By now the calf has sold out and he’s headed east.. I shout more instructions to Cindy to get more gates open, shut one and pen the horses in the corral, out of the way… I ride up to open a wire gate and Mijo hangs his bridle on a piece of wire, jerks back and tears it apart… the cow is held up in a little trap, the calf is thru’ another fence and headed east… I lope over there, calmly approach him, moaning like his mother and he turns and follows us back… I get the cow drove back, Cindy has every thing set and the calf follows all the way to the corral. Cindy shuts the gate and I send her after the broken bridle and mention I might need some help getting this cow to let the calf suck… I get them in the big blue shed and rope the cow around the neck. She mills around and knocks down one of Chances heifers that is in there who is wobbly on her pins. I finally get her fairly short to a post, let the other cow out (her stoopid calf won’t follow) then get another rope and rope a hind leg, dally it to a post and start shortening ropes, one at a time.. Cindy shows up about half way thru’ and helps by holding and tightening one rope as I get the cow to move..Cindy is having trouble holding the rope so I send her for Tate.. he shows up and helps get her tied off and I try to get the calf to suck, but of course the cow has to fall down several times, which makes us loosen the ropes, get her to her feet and then retighten her close to the wall of the shed.. ( one of them calving stanchions just might be worth putting in, I decide) Finally get her snubbed up and the calf to sucking, I tell Tate he can go back to milling timbers and I stay with them.. Calf gets her all sucked out and I get the rope off her neck and she has decided she now LOVES this calf! But… she HATES me! I get on my horse, ride in and loosen the rope tied to her foot, and ride out, shutting her and the other cow back in there.. go get my long rope retrieving hook, walk around the front of the shed and in the little door and get the rope plumb loose from the post where I had it dallied up.. she and her baby are looking good, she will eventually get the rope to drop off her hind foot.. Yup, just a pretty typical day at calving time…  sure wish I’d’a had some of the Animal Welfare lovers there to help me…

Warm, getting calves, 10 yesterday…. had one who wasn’t sure who hers was.. I think we got it figured out and them back together.. Cindy went with me to check them this morning.. couple new ones… wind is supposed to gust into the 30’s.. they had a planned burn down in the Black Hills and it got away from the,… makes me wonder if they did it on purpose,. knowing they needed to burn a bunch of timber and they won’t let them log it… it’s at Wind Cave Park… I know a guy who works down there, I might have to give him a call and tease him… Tate got his mill going again and was milling logs yesterday afternoon.. I had to replace the tree in my saddle…slot broke that holds a stirrup up… sure like the feel of this one,. I did the ground seat a bit different and the cantle is wider so fits me better than the older one.. I’d made it in 05 so it’s been 9 years ago, I know I am a different shape now than I was then, and especially in the portion that is again’t the cantle! 😀

Gabe and Sam rode yesterday afternoon and stayed with us while their parents went to town. Gabe rode the pony colt and did real good.. I think the pony is out of a full sized stallion as he’s lots bigger than his mother… Then Callen came over and topped off Pard for me.. he was plumb good. we made a big fast circle, mostly at a trot… This morning Gabe went with me to check cows.. we tagged a new one.. there was another we missed.. this afternoon I was hauling big rocks to the house site for landscaping, using the big extend forklift… Tate was off working on his house and wasn’t using it, so I made the most of it.. then Gabe came up and we ran the horses in and Chance and Sam and Gus and Gabe and I saddled up and rode south.. I rode Pard and we are pretty new to each other and he ain’t my old broke horses, so it was hard on me.. that dang Callen made it look so easy! 😀

We’d found a new calf and i went to write him down in the book, but the wind was blowing and it ruffled the pages and Pard didn’t like the sound of that, so i stepped off and wrote it down, changed my sturru length as they were a notch long for a young horse and when I stepped on, I didn’t make it. The stirrup leather came off.. the tree had broke where the stirrup hangs..  I’d had another one of these tree’s do this, that I arranged for the sale of, to a young man and ever since the tree maker has rectified it so it can’t happen again, but this tree was one of the older ones. I called him and he will have one sent to me as quick as he can make it. Just so happens the new saddle i was building on, has a tree that was very similar and already had the back rigging in, the fork and horn covered and it’s a cable rig so that was all set. I stripped the old one down, switched most of it over to the new tree and just finished oiling it and it is ready to ride in the morning… but don’t let that make you think I can replace yours that fast, if you break a tree! 😀

Got real warm and quite a breeze today, supposed to be more tomorrow and then die down on Monday… for some reason I am tried! No moisture for several days on the weather.. it’s a good time to be dry, but eventually it’s going to need to rain.. and I bet it does.. it always has before…

Cows are calving, Tate is fighting his mill, we were supposed to get a storm, but got a little rain and a tiny bit of snow that must have melted as it hit the ground last night. We kicked pairs out yesterday and penned the cows up, just in case. Tate and Chance checked cows in the night… windy, but that was about it.. wind is still blowing, but warmer, when the wind goes down it’s going to be pretty nice… I went and kicked the newer pairs out and then Tate grabbed a bale with the tractor and Chance saddled up and we kicked the cows back down south… I got leather mellowing for some saddle skirts… Kim came down and spent the night on Tuesday, he had an eye appointment in Sturgis the next day so used it as a good excuse to visit.. Jerry Nelson was coming to get some stuff at CRS so he stopped in. They are both playing guitar now so we all sat and picked for awhile. Kim and I stayed up way too late visiting.. need to go tag a couple calves that were born today. Kick them all out tomorrow…

I woke up before daylight this morning. Cindy and I watched Mel Gibson’s, The Passion, in it’s entirety, last night before going to bed. Everyone should. At least once a year. So vivid and lets you truly see what Jesus went thru’, even if it was worse than that depicted.

Amazing what Jesus went thru’ for all of us.

All of us…

Not just your friends and neighbors, but all.

Those who are on the fringe, those who you don’t care for..yes, even those who would do you harm and you would fight back…


Pretty hard for me to wrap my mind around that.. but then, I am not perfect and as far as i can tell, I have never met anyone who is… so who am I to judge?

It’s a beautiful morning out there… no new babies, no wind so far.. a chance of moisture coming in… yes, it’s a beautiful day. Hope you have a joyous Easter and remember what this day is really all about.