Easter Sunday

I woke up before daylight this morning. Cindy and I watched Mel Gibson’s, The Passion, in it’s entirety, last night before going to bed. Everyone should. At least once a year. So vivid and lets you truly see what Jesus went thru’, even if it was worse than that depicted.

Amazing what Jesus went thru’ for all of us.

All of us…

Not just your friends and neighbors, but all.

Those who are on the fringe, those who you don’t care for..yes, even those who would do you harm and you would fight back…


Pretty hard for me to wrap my mind around that.. but then, I am not perfect and as far as i can tell, I have never met anyone who is… so who am I to judge?

It’s a beautiful morning out there… no new babies, no wind so far.. a chance of moisture coming in… yes, it’s a beautiful day. Hope you have a joyous Easter and remember what this day is really all about.

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