Another day…

Went and checked cows this morning then drove to Sturgis andy took Cindy to an appointment.. I dropped my glasses off to get repaired from the last wreck they got into then sat and read until she was done.,  we hurried over to another appointment we had then picked up my glasses and got some stuff for Tate for the house… then grabbed a quick bite and headed back to Sturgis. I got my pickup where I’d left it and headed home. When I got home I saddled Mijo and rode south to try and kick some pairs out of the drop bunch… there are getting to be way tool many in there.. I got them all up north but there were too many cows in the way for me to get them out so I finally got ahold of Kass on my phone and told her to send reinforcements.. pretty soon as I was driving one to the gate Tate and Chance showed up horseback and we went to kicking out pairs.  Worked real good with three of us as someone was always in position to guard the gate while bringing a pair.. got them all but one or maybe two that were real fresh born and wouldn’t travel.. did kick out several that were born today, some of these 3 year olds I am leasing really can get out and travel and their calves about like them… I have to run back to Rapid on Friday morning for a Therapy session, the shoulder is getting better but it’s slow going.. but I guess it took 57 years to get in the shape it is so it will probably take quite awhile to get it back to where it’s better than not was… While I was gone Tate and Chance got the top plate on the basement of the house.. things are about to start popping around here..!

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