Same old…

Warm, getting calves, 10 yesterday…. had one who wasn’t sure who hers was.. I think we got it figured out and them back together.. Cindy went with me to check them this morning.. couple new ones… wind is supposed to gust into the 30’s.. they had a planned burn down in the Black Hills and it got away from the,… makes me wonder if they did it on purpose,. knowing they needed to burn a bunch of timber and they won’t let them log it… it’s at Wind Cave Park… I know a guy who works down there, I might have to give him a call and tease him… Tate got his mill going again and was milling logs yesterday afternoon.. I had to replace the tree in my saddle…slot broke that holds a stirrup up… sure like the feel of this one,. I did the ground seat a bit different and the cantle is wider so fits me better than the older one.. I’d made it in 05 so it’s been 9 years ago, I know I am a different shape now than I was then, and especially in the portion that is again’t the cantle! 😀

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