Cows and horses and rocks

Gabe and Sam rode yesterday afternoon and stayed with us while their parents went to town. Gabe rode the pony colt and did real good.. I think the pony is out of a full sized stallion as he’s lots bigger than his mother… Then Callen came over and topped off Pard for me.. he was plumb good. we made a big fast circle, mostly at a trot… This morning Gabe went with me to check cows.. we tagged a new one.. there was another we missed.. this afternoon I was hauling big rocks to the house site for landscaping, using the big extend forklift… Tate was off working on his house and wasn’t using it, so I made the most of it.. then Gabe came up and we ran the horses in and Chance and Sam and Gus and Gabe and I saddled up and rode south.. I rode Pard and we are pretty new to each other and he ain’t my old broke horses, so it was hard on me.. that dang Callen made it look so easy! 😀

We’d found a new calf and i went to write him down in the book, but the wind was blowing and it ruffled the pages and Pard didn’t like the sound of that, so i stepped off and wrote it down, changed my sturru length as they were a notch long for a young horse and when I stepped on, I didn’t make it. The stirrup leather came off.. the tree had broke where the stirrup hangs..  I’d had another one of these tree’s do this, that I arranged for the sale of, to a young man and ever since the tree maker has rectified it so it can’t happen again, but this tree was one of the older ones. I called him and he will have one sent to me as quick as he can make it. Just so happens the new saddle i was building on, has a tree that was very similar and already had the back rigging in, the fork and horn covered and it’s a cable rig so that was all set. I stripped the old one down, switched most of it over to the new tree and just finished oiling it and it is ready to ride in the morning… but don’t let that make you think I can replace yours that fast, if you break a tree! 😀

Got real warm and quite a breeze today, supposed to be more tomorrow and then die down on Monday… for some reason I am tried! No moisture for several days on the weather.. it’s a good time to be dry, but eventually it’s going to need to rain.. and I bet it does.. it always has before…

2 thoughts on “Cows and horses and rocks

  1. “… but don’t let that make you think I can replace yours that fast, if you break a tree! ” Hey I am sure you can get anyone’s done just as quick… well after it works it’s way through the queue for a month or two and you get started on it. 😀

    1. Yup, as long as I had the right tree and all the work done on it that this one did.. 😀 Sure makes my butt smile better than the old one.. I got to lose some weight!

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