Oh, fun!

Cindy qwoke me up at 4 to let me know we had no water… I went down and threw the breaker on the pump and there was a snap… that’s when I looked at it and the pump and the pressure tank were leaning over, all broke off from the water lines…. hmmm.. not sure how it happened.. maybe we have an animal like a cat that comes under the house into the basement.. Lord knows, there are some holes in the foundation big enough if they really wanted in, I am sure they could get there.. anyway, I let Tate and Chance know, they are working on it I guess. I had to go put some cows back in, off the neighbor.. fixed some fence., but it really wasn’t that bad.. drove on the other side of the creek and it was laid down for a long ways.. and tangled.. I fixed it all up as best you can on old rusty wire and it wasn’t good when it was new.. that cheap light crap… while I was at it, I fixed some up along the road that was still holding cowes but barely and looking ratty.. now, I came in the house and no son’s.. maybe they had to run to town for parts.. guess I will see if I can go to Tate’s and dig a hole and install a cattle guard… hate to see him get fired for not working.. 😉

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