Real nice

Got up to 70 or so today, I suppose, not hardly a breeze.. Boys and I kicked a bunch of pairs into the next pasture and kicked the first calf heifer pairs out… I fed and then took the big forklift and hauled rocks.. almost tipped it over on it’s side.. Molly was riding with me and abandoned ship… I will be more careful now! Went dow to Tate’s and he had a fire and ate a burger and watched the grandkids jump and swing.. Gabe did several forward flips on the tramp and landed on his feet.. he is way too handy.. the Men’s groups went to a local ranch and we did a bunch of shooting at targets on Sunday. Gabe got to go and shot a target at 800 years. They had a 300 Win Mag all set at the distance and i shot a target at a 1000 yards… it was fun and we had a good meeting afterwards . The last set in the video series we’ve been watching, for the season, we will start up again this fall, tho’ we may get together thru’ the summer if it works out for everyone. Cindy is off to her ladies group this evening… got a bunch of bran dings coming up in the next couple weeks… went o the first one last Saturday. Sure was a good one.. it helped that all I had to do was rope… sure let the wrestlers not have to work to hard when I am roping! 😀

2 thoughts on “Real nice

  1. Target shooting, one of my favorite things to do. Glad you didn’t tip it over and everyone survived the near miss! Sounds like the spring fun has begun for you 😉

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