This and that..

Cows are calving, Tate is fighting his mill, we were supposed to get a storm, but got a little rain and a tiny bit of snow that must have melted as it hit the ground last night. We kicked pairs out yesterday and penned the cows up, just in case. Tate and Chance checked cows in the night… windy, but that was about it.. wind is still blowing, but warmer, when the wind goes down it’s going to be pretty nice… I went and kicked the newer pairs out and then Tate grabbed a bale with the tractor and Chance saddled up and we kicked the cows back down south… I got leather mellowing for some saddle skirts… Kim came down and spent the night on Tuesday, he had an eye appointment in Sturgis the next day so used it as a good excuse to visit.. Jerry Nelson was coming to get some stuff at CRS so he stopped in. They are both playing guitar now so we all sat and picked for awhile. Kim and I stayed up way too late visiting.. need to go tag a couple calves that were born today. Kick them all out tomorrow…

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