Same old same old

Chance and I went and kicked a bunch of pairs north into the next pasture.. brought home a cow of Tates who’s stoopid and never knows where her calf is.. not sure what the deal is this time, but we got some milk out of her, brought the calf in and fed a little to him.. a few minutes ago when I looked he was sucking.. Tate needs to cull her.. she’s a pain every year… I went to Punkin Center and got the oil changed in Teddy and some different hind shoes on him.. the others didn’t hardly have any tread left.. then when I got back me and AB ( Addy Bear) took some bean down to the cows and then I hauled big rocks in, then went and harnessed up the team and hauled a bale up west and trotted all over looking around.. everything seemed to be hunky dorry. For some reason I am tired.. must have missed out on my nap!

Here’s one from this morning.. he wasn’t even licked off when I tagged him and he’s got a real good Momma!!


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