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all the damned Animal Rights Activists when you need them?

We have an older cow who has scabby tits and the calf has only been sucking on one (stupid Char x twit) so I rode out and gently eased them in and Hope held the rope while I milked her enough to get all the teats open…stupid calf wouldn’t suck one, of course…when we got done with that we drove out to see if we had any new calves and to capture the extra twin who’s mama don’t seem to care if it lives or dies…a neighbor will buy it..while looking we found two new ones and a grannying cow who was chasing one of the mothers away and not letting the new baby suck the colostrom milk he needs to survive, of course, she doesn’t have any yet as she hasn’t calved…so I rode back down and Pilgrim is a warhorse as he works well when we went to war with this grannying bitch when she decided to attack us…we got her in the corral with a wild display of my rope and how it was going to feel on her grannying, horse eating, miserable hide…mama and new baby are off by themselves and he is finally getting to nurse…

So… where are all these so called animal lovers who take it upon themselves to tell us, who have done this sort of thing all our lives, worked our tails off in the worst kind of weather so calves and cows can survive, cried tears of frustration when we did our best and it still wasn’t good enough and know more about cows, calves and horses than any of them self proclaimed idiots will ever even get a slight inkling of? I’d sure like to see how they’d handle all these incidents, never mind the breech calf we pulled yesterday and saved…

If I could get my hands on one of them sanctimonious, bed wetting, crybaby spawns of Satan right now, I don’t think they’d think I knew how to treat them, let alone an animal…

Had two new ones yesterday morning, just like most morning, only this was out of one cow… twins…had a set a couple years ago and none last year…Fr Tyler came out so after lunch we drove out to look at the babies , which I wouldn’t normally do until I fed or just before dark…found a cow with a backwards calf coming, so we came home, ran a saddle horse in and Fr Tyler get the shed set and the calf puller while I brought her in. Fr Tyler held the neck rope on the cow while I pulled the calf… big rascal, but got him out alive, mama and baby are doing fine…windy today and supposed to be tomorrow also, but in the 70’s today, chance of rain this evening and cooler for the rest of the week, in the 50’s which should help with Grass Tetney, tho’ we really need that grass a growin!

When I went to Deadwood the other day for the Cowboy Poetry Week workshop and show, I drank a couple Cokes and went pretty hard all day and into the night. got home about 11 pm and of course couldn’t just fall asleep so i was tired when the alarm went off at 5.. I drug around here all day yesterday, tried to catch a few winks, but kept getting phone calls. Went to bed about 9 last night and by golly, I slept! Still a bit drowsy, but not a s bad..

Tee came out yesterday afternoon and we got the skirts cut out and blocked on the tree’s…got the back of the cantle cut out and skived, just have to put them on and let them dry….they are coming together…

Couple new calves out there this morning, both Tate’s cows…the ol’ prairie is taking on a green hue…got warm yesterday and supposed to again today, the wind is going to blow so that will really please some people… 😉

Cows calved, wind blew, cows got fed worked on leather…not enough sleep last night..big ol’ full moon out there this evening, beautiful… wish I could get a picture that does it justice…



No calves in the night, two today.. slow but sure…I rode Crackerjack out about noon and tried to kick a few pairs out, but Crackie ain’t got enough patience and neither do I for a colt with no patience, so I left them for later on a broker horse…when I went out later this afternoon I got to thinking about the grannying cow, who had not calved and who I had given up on and let out of the shed so Cindy and I drove down east where the cows had been and looked around… sure enough, we found her calf. Little booger had lain there waiting for mama to come feed him.. we got him to come home with the pickup, they met at the fence and we shoved him thru’ and man he went to sucking! I’ll have to keep an eye on him to see he doesn’t scour…pretty humbling when you can’t tell a cow who has calved from one who has, just because she has a big belly don’t mean she ain’t calved…… two lessons learned, when a cow wants out, as this one did when Hope and Chance were fencing and letting cows go back to their calves, let her out and keep an eye on her… and also, when you ride a pasture looking for calves… ride the whole dang pasture… never assume … you know what they say about assuming! All’s well that ends well they say, we will see….I did get the pairs out, on Mijo… got an old cow out north who is bellering every once in awhile.. I rode the creek where she acted like she left him, but didn’t find him.. she can go anywhere she wants north and west so I will check on her in the morning and make sure she found him and isn’t just crying ol’ cow who can’t keep track of her calf ought to be culled…

Beautiful, just beautiful! 😉






Moisture, we take what we can get and just try and be thankful for it… 😉

UPDATE….10:30 am…. took the baby back out to his mama after i put her in the shed, ol’ Pilgrim was pretty jacked up from the cool weather and being separated from the other horses over night… 🙂 Going out to roll out some hay and push some bare ground clear for the babies to lie on in a bit…

UPDATE…6 pm… Cindy and I ran over to Punkin Center and got a hose for the loader fixed, it has been leaking since I got the tractor and some more mineral tubs for the cows… went out this evening and let the cow and calf out of the shed and caught up Beaver for a night horse then caught Crakerjack and worked with him a bit…he’s gentle, just doesn’t really know anything, the young feller I had ride him a couple years ago used a snaffle and I am getting him used to the bosal..the feller did a great job of sacking him out, just didn’t teach him much and that is what I asked for. I think he was 8 years old at the time… 🙂 Crackie has crooked front legs so I think as he is gentle he will make a good enough horse for a kid or a small person, but we got to get him bridle wise before kids can start riding him…I kept him in so he could eat hay with Beaver…





coming in….spring weather, supposed to start raining any time and switch to snow this evening and thru’ the night and the wind with gusts up in the 20’s… which ain’t too bad, but this time of the year I don’t trust weather forecasts much… any other time of the year it isn’t such a big deal if they get it wrong, but with these babies coming we need to be prepared…soooo….I fed a bale close to the house this morning to lure all the cows in that were east…Chance and Hope and kids worked on some fences and watched the calves and let cows come back out of the hog pasture that acted like they had calves still out east while I went to Mass… then after lunch I ran the horses in and Chance and i took a bale up west and left a little to those cows that were up there in case they had calves up the creek and choose to stay… left some more of the bale in the lane for the pairs in there and then saddled up fresh horses and rode out and brought all the babies and their mama’s from the east pasture and into the lane with the other pairs. One ol’ cow was storming around wanting a calf, but I decided she was just grannying and was going to calf so we locked her in a dry corral where when she does calve she will have protection and won’t be bothering the other cows and calves… I will go out before dark and roll out some more hay to the drop bunch and then we will just watch them as close as needs be thru’ the night, depending on how tuff the weather gets… should ride up the creek later and make sure any babies up there with their mom’s are okay also…hope we get good moisture out of this… here’s a few photo’s of bringing the pairs in…





UPDATE.. 7 pm…We went out and rode this evening and checked on the cattle up the creek, so far no bad weather at 7 pm.. just look at these goomers I had to ride with… 😉
Then the little one insisted on riding in the tractor with me when I fed the last bale of the day!

Cold ol’ wind blowin’ out of the east… I went out at daylight, about 5:30 and found a new baby out of one of Chances old cows, pretty cold, don’t think he’d sucked yet, so loaded him on the floor of the pickup and drove around checking with the heater on high… found another cow, one of mine, who had just calved and watched him for a bit, then drove in and put a tube of Nursemate down the one in the pickup and brought him in to the bathroom on the heater, covered with towels and got the heat running in there… I will wait a bit and when he is more lively take him back out to his mama who is running around trying to find her baby… I may have to bring them in to the shed but I hate to as that is when you start getting sick calves, seems like…but if i have to I will… and go back out and check on the other new one and make sure he is alright…suppose to get up in the 40’s today with a chance of rain today and tomorrow…

8:15 UPDATE…

This one is back with Mama after a warm up in the house


This one is in the house warming now… she wouldn’t stop drifting and let him suck…


11:30 am UPDATE… Both calves are back with their mama’s and both have sucked…. I think! Fixin’ to go saddle a horse and check and bring in fresh saddle stock…..

6:45 pm…. UPDATE… Got pretty nice by this evening, wind died down some and got up to over 40 anyway…Chance and Gus and I rode out and checked this evening and put a pair out in the lane, I had sorted most of the pairs off earlier and left them in the lane. Gate is open going up west so if they get thirsty and smart they will wander over the hill to get a drink and take their calves with them… 4 calves so far today and two cows off by themselves so we may get a couple more pretty soon. Chance is going to check at dark and I will check early in the morning…snow coming in tomorrow night, so far not a lot, but some wind and colder temps…we will have to keep them up Sunday night and check them close…bale pile is getting short….By the way, I rode Peaches, Chance rode Pilgrim and Gus rode Beaver, all with spades…Gus is a natural…







That ol’ wind whipped up today..finally got up over 30 or so this afternoon and it still felt cold but it is dying down and supposed to be nicer and warmer tomorrow. I put a calving cow in this morning about 6 and she calved fine in the shed, let her out this evening… a heifer of Chances calved this afternoon also… I felt sorry for these ol’ cows in the mud so let them out on pasture, so if they have any problems in the night they will have to wait until daylight for help… I will go out and feed about 7 or 7:30 so that should help them not calve until morning… been feeding a bale in the morning and one in the evening and it seems to help… some people swear by it…working on another leather “engraving” for a checkbook cover for a lady, looks pretty cool.. I am really liking this stuff…