6:30 am 4/20/13

Cold ol’ wind blowin’ out of the east… I went out at daylight, about 5:30 and found a new baby out of one of Chances old cows, pretty cold, don’t think he’d sucked yet, so loaded him on the floor of the pickup and drove around checking with the heater on high… found another cow, one of mine, who had just calved and watched him for a bit, then drove in and put a tube of Nursemate down the one in the pickup and brought him in to the bathroom on the heater, covered with towels and got the heat running in there… I will wait a bit and when he is more lively take him back out to his mama who is running around trying to find her baby… I may have to bring them in to the shed but I hate to as that is when you start getting sick calves, seems like…but if i have to I will… and go back out and check on the other new one and make sure he is alright…suppose to get up in the 40’s today with a chance of rain today and tomorrow…

8:15 UPDATE…

This one is back with Mama after a warm up in the house


This one is in the house warming now… she wouldn’t stop drifting and let him suck…


11:30 am UPDATE… Both calves are back with their mama’s and both have sucked…. I think! Fixin’ to go saddle a horse and check and bring in fresh saddle stock…..

6:45 pm…. UPDATE… Got pretty nice by this evening, wind died down some and got up to over 40 anyway…Chance and Gus and I rode out and checked this evening and put a pair out in the lane, I had sorted most of the pairs off earlier and left them in the lane. Gate is open going up west so if they get thirsty and smart they will wander over the hill to get a drink and take their calves with them… 4 calves so far today and two cows off by themselves so we may get a couple more pretty soon. Chance is going to check at dark and I will check early in the morning…snow coming in tomorrow night, so far not a lot, but some wind and colder temps…we will have to keep them up Sunday night and check them close…bale pile is getting short….By the way, I rode Peaches, Chance rode Pilgrim and Gus rode Beaver, all with spades…Gus is a natural…

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