coming in….spring weather, supposed to start raining any time and switch to snow this evening and thru’ the night and the wind with gusts up in the 20’s… which ain’t too bad, but this time of the year I don’t trust weather forecasts much… any other time of the year it isn’t such a big deal if they get it wrong, but with these babies coming we need to be prepared…soooo….I fed a bale close to the house this morning to lure all the cows in that were east…Chance and Hope and kids worked on some fences and watched the calves and let cows come back out of the hog pasture that acted like they had calves still out east while I went to Mass… then after lunch I ran the horses in and Chance and i took a bale up west and left a little to those cows that were up there in case they had calves up the creek and choose to stay… left some more of the bale in the lane for the pairs in there and then saddled up fresh horses and rode out and brought all the babies and their mama’s from the east pasture and into the lane with the other pairs. One ol’ cow was storming around wanting a calf, but I decided she was just grannying and was going to calf so we locked her in a dry corral where when she does calve she will have protection and won’t be bothering the other cows and calves… I will go out before dark and roll out some more hay to the drop bunch and then we will just watch them as close as needs be thru’ the night, depending on how tuff the weather gets… should ride up the creek later and make sure any babies up there with their mom’s are okay also…hope we get good moisture out of this… here’s a few photo’s of bringing the pairs in…





UPDATE.. 7 pm…We went out and rode this evening and checked on the cattle up the creek, so far no bad weather at 7 pm.. just look at these goomers I had to ride with… 😉
Then the little one insisted on riding in the tractor with me when I fed the last bale of the day!