Where are….

all the damned Animal Rights Activists when you need them?

We have an older cow who has scabby tits and the calf has only been sucking on one (stupid Char x twit) so I rode out and gently eased them in and Hope held the rope while I milked her enough to get all the teats open…stupid calf wouldn’t suck one, of course…when we got done with that we drove out to see if we had any new calves and to capture the extra twin who’s mama don’t seem to care if it lives or dies…a neighbor will buy it..while looking we found two new ones and a grannying cow who was chasing one of the mothers away and not letting the new baby suck the colostrom milk he needs to survive, of course, she doesn’t have any yet as she hasn’t calved…so I rode back down and Pilgrim is a warhorse as he works well when we went to war with this grannying bitch when she decided to attack us…we got her in the corral with a wild display of my rope and how it was going to feel on her grannying, horse eating, miserable hide…mama and new baby are off by themselves and he is finally getting to nurse…

So… where are all these so called animal lovers who take it upon themselves to tell us, who have done this sort of thing all our lives, worked our tails off in the worst kind of weather so calves and cows can survive, cried tears of frustration when we did our best and it still wasn’t good enough and know more about cows, calves and horses than any of them self proclaimed idiots will ever even get a slight inkling of? I’d sure like to see how they’d handle all these incidents, never mind the breech calf we pulled yesterday and saved…

If I could get my hands on one of them sanctimonious, bed wetting, crybaby spawns of Satan right now, I don’t think they’d think I knew how to treat them, let alone an animal…

12 thoughts on “Where are….

  1. Well said, sir. The animal welfare folks have displayed as much interest int he real care and welfare of animals as Planned Parenthood has for…well…parenthood.

    As for your trials in the field…sounds like a regular day. (Not that I would know for sure. I’ve never worked on a farm/ranch, but I’ve been reading quite a few farm blogs (Hello threecollie!) and they confirm that I would have either loved it or hated it. Probably both.

  2. Robert this is well said. I’ve watched and been in on saving critters all my life. They have no idea how much we care about the welfare of our stock whether they be cow, or smallest kitten. We value life and teach that to our children,If there was more value of life we might not have the crazy killings we have now!

  3. Why don’t you tell us what you REALLY think, Jinglebob???!!! (Ha!) What you said was very well put!

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