When I went to Deadwood the other day for the Cowboy Poetry Week workshop and show, I drank a couple Cokes and went pretty hard all day and into the night. got home about 11 pm and of course couldn’t just fall asleep so i was tired when the alarm went off at 5.. I drug around here all day yesterday, tried to catch a few winks, but kept getting phone calls. Went to bed about 9 last night and by golly, I slept! Still a bit drowsy, but not a s bad..

Tee came out yesterday afternoon and we got the skirts cut out and blocked on the tree’s…got the back of the cantle cut out and skived, just have to put them on and let them dry….they are coming together…

Couple new calves out there this morning, both Tate’s cows…the ol’ prairie is taking on a green hue…got warm yesterday and supposed to again today, the wind is going to blow so that will really please some people… 😉

One thought on “Tired..

  1. Hurray…..it must be Spring has finally decided to show up!
    Have had a lot of fun reading all about all the calving.

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