5:30 am 4/22/13

Beautiful, just beautiful! 😉






Moisture, we take what we can get and just try and be thankful for it… 😉

UPDATE….10:30 am…. took the baby back out to his mama after i put her in the shed, ol’ Pilgrim was pretty jacked up from the cool weather and being separated from the other horses over night… 🙂 Going out to roll out some hay and push some bare ground clear for the babies to lie on in a bit…

UPDATE…6 pm… Cindy and I ran over to Punkin Center and got a hose for the loader fixed, it has been leaking since I got the tractor and some more mineral tubs for the cows… went out this evening and let the cow and calf out of the shed and caught up Beaver for a night horse then caught Crakerjack and worked with him a bit…he’s gentle, just doesn’t really know anything, the young feller I had ride him a couple years ago used a snaffle and I am getting him used to the bosal..the feller did a great job of sacking him out, just didn’t teach him much and that is what I asked for. I think he was 8 years old at the time… 🙂 Crackie has crooked front legs so I think as he is gentle he will make a good enough horse for a kid or a small person, but we got to get him bridle wise before kids can start riding him…I kept him in so he could eat hay with Beaver…





4 thoughts on “5:30 am 4/22/13

    1. Rain is good but I prefer snow to cold rain while calving…but I will take anything they want to send that is wet! 🙂

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