No calves in the night, two today.. slow but sure…I rode Crackerjack out about noon and tried to kick a few pairs out, but Crackie ain’t got enough patience and neither do I for a colt with no patience, so I left them for later on a broker horse…when I went out later this afternoon I got to thinking about the grannying cow, who had not calved and who I had given up on and let out of the shed so Cindy and I drove down east where the cows had been and looked around… sure enough, we found her calf. Little booger had lain there waiting for mama to come feed him.. we got him to come home with the pickup, they met at the fence and we shoved him thru’ and man he went to sucking! I’ll have to keep an eye on him to see he doesn’t scour…pretty humbling when you can’t tell a cow who has calved from one who has, just because she has a big belly don’t mean she ain’t calved…… two lessons learned, when a cow wants out, as this one did when Hope and Chance were fencing and letting cows go back to their calves, let her out and keep an eye on her… and also, when you ride a pasture looking for calves… ride the whole dang pasture… never assume … you know what they say about assuming! All’s well that ends well they say, we will see….I did get the pairs out, on Mijo… got an old cow out north who is bellering every once in awhile.. I rode the creek where she acted like she left him, but didn’t find him.. she can go anywhere she wants north and west so I will check on her in the morning and make sure she found him and isn’t just crying wolf..an ol’ cow who can’t keep track of her calf ought to be culled…

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