Windy and cold…

That ol’ wind whipped up today..finally got up over 30 or so this afternoon and it still felt cold but it is dying down and supposed to be nicer and warmer tomorrow. I put a calving cow in this morning about 6 and she calved fine in the shed, let her out this evening… a heifer of Chances calved this afternoon also… I felt sorry for these ol’ cows in the mud so let them out on pasture, so if they have any problems in the night they will have to wait until daylight for help… I will go out and feed about 7 or 7:30 so that should help them not calve until morning… been feeding a bale in the morning and one in the evening and it seems to help… some people swear by it…working on another leather “engraving” for a checkbook cover for a lady, looks pretty cool.. I am really liking this stuff…

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