Had two new ones yesterday morning, just like most morning, only this was out of one cow… twins…had a set a couple years ago and none last year…Fr Tyler came out so after lunch we drove out to look at the babies , which I wouldn’t normally do until I fed or just before dark…found a cow with a backwards calf coming, so we came home, ran a saddle horse in and Fr Tyler get the shed set and the calf puller while I brought her in. Fr Tyler held the neck rope on the cow while I pulled the calf… big rascal, but got him out alive, mama and baby are doing fine…windy today and supposed to be tomorrow also, but in the 70’s today, chance of rain this evening and cooler for the rest of the week, in the 50’s which should help with Grass Tetney, tho’ we really need that grass a growin!

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