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Cloudy, got a real small shot of rain earlier. Supposed to get more and it’s cloudy in the northwest.

Mike and I moved some pairs yesterday afternoon. We worked on the forge in the morning while waiting for my yearling guy to arrive with bulls to turn with the heifers.

Going to go saddle up in a bit. Supposed to go to Kadoka this evening and meet up with Marty for some visiting.

Picked my friend from California, Mike, at the airport on Friday, about noon and don’t seem like we have slowed down much since.

It was windy cold and drizzly on Saturday morning so we headed for Medora for the poetry gathering. Stopped on the way up to visit mutual internet friends. I am getting a cold so we headed out about 6 that evening after watching the afternoon shows.

Went to church yesterday morning and rode some in the afternoon. then today we got up early to go help a neighbor over on the gumbo brand. They just ran some in a small pen and chicken caught them. Sure glad I was the cutter cuz’ them was some BIG calves. Just got home a bit ago and took a shower and Mike is showering now. Supposed to have a few over for a jam session later on. Windy and cool today. Probably got a quarter to half an inch or rain out of the wet weekend.

No rain yet, but I am hoping…

Bob and Sue (friends from Iowa) took off this morning pretty early. We had fun with them as usual. Bob helped get rid of lots of p dogs it sounds like and then caught a few fish yesterday, then we all went in to Spearfish and ate supper at the Bum Steer, good place to eat we always enjoy.

Sue helped me move the heifers a bit farther south. Wind was blowing so they acted like the silly little girls they are. Cindy and Sue decided Bob (the dog) needed a haircut. When I awoke from my snooze, they had shorn all his matted locks. I guess when he figured out they weren’t hurting him he just stood there and licked their faces. Silly dog. Pictures of the poor forlorn sheared puppy to follow…

Here’s a picture or two of the yearling move.

Went branding on Saturday afternoon and Sunday. the we had friends arrive to visit a couple days, yesterday afternoon. they are off helping to thin the p dogs at a neighbors. Cindy and I drove Purple up to check a tank this morning and I went to show her the plant I found growing in an old hay corral and we found a p dog who was setting up a home. I shot at him and found blood at the hole, so I think he is going to stay here permanently! I dug up one of the plants and brought it home, got out my plant book and think I found it. Doesn’t seem to be anything bad, so will quit worrying. Last night Bob (friend, not the dog) went and fixed the bad radiator hose on the tractor, then off to fix the bad valve on a tank, but the new part didn’t fix it. Guess I will have to get a whole new valve. We are going to take them up to see Chance and Hope this afternoon/evening.

Few branding pictures from the weekend. Had the camera on the wrong setting so never got too many good ones.

But it looks like the wind is going to come up this afternoon and by midnight really be howling1 Supposed to be some rain with it too. I sure hope so, it is getting dry and the wind has really dried out the grass. Still, a nice spring, but seems like a slow start…

Here’s some photo’s of the last few days. Click to make them BIG

I got the tractor going the other day but it was low on hydraulic fluid so there was no power steering. Filled it up and it still didn’t want to work, so I did some other stuff. Then in the evening I thought I’d try it again as it has done this before in the winter and after you run it awhile it will start working. So I drove it out to move part of a bale for the e bull and steer, using the brakes when I had to turn and all of a sudden, bang, it went to working. I think I need a clean filter for it and will get one next time I go to Rapid.

So I went out this morning and took the disc and went to disc the tree patch again and while merrily discing away, the old radiator hose that is going bad gave up the ghost. I shut it down and walked home and have been fixing some fence in the yard to keep horses on some grass I don’t want to have to mow. Besides, there is all that stuff growing in the trees we can’t mow. I will pick up a new radiator hose on Friday along with a filter. I need to run in and go to a studio in the afternoon and start recording some of these songs. Hopefully I will have a CD by this late summer/early fall.

Brandings this weekend if it don’t rain us out ( I hope, I hope!)

I did move the pairs and steer up into Harry’s yesterday. the fogs were a LOT of help, yeah, sure they were…….

Starting to see a few little grasshoppers. I hope they drown!

Fr Tyler was out on Tuesday. Brought us gifts from Poland. Mostly, he rested…

Went out this morning to plant the rest of the garden. there is a Carrigana tree/shrub growing on the south side, in bloom and the leaf cutter bees and bumble bees were really working on it so I tried to take some close ups.

After we got the planting done I drug hoses out so I could water the trees behind the house. Then ran the horses in and saddled Beaver and took Buck and Bob and went up to Harry’s and brought the yearling heifers home I am summering. They were typical silly girls, running and playing and looking and then running again. I got most of them moved out of the first pasture and then went back after the rest. After I got them all bunched, thy kind of had their run over and were getting warm, so they behaved much better. Here they are strung out and headed towards the corrals at home.

After I penned them I sorted one of Chances off that was in with them then kicked them out in the hog pasture and across the road. they went good and spread out grazing. I think I will celebrate with a siesta!

Little breeze and in the low 80’s I guess. Feels warm, but in a month it will probably feel cool….

So, does this mean we honor mothers or make them work? 😉

Father Peter said a very nice blessing to all mothers at the end of Mass today. He also had a very good homily about love, that followed today’s readings. He’s a nice guy and we only get him a few times a year when our regular priest is not here. Fr Peter is one of the Jesuit’s down at the Sioux Spiritual Center, south of Plainview. He is a very soft spoken, yet dynamic speaker. I always enjoy him.

But back to Mothers Day, I of course think of my Mother. It is amazing all the things Mothers will do for their offspring. I really doubt anyone else would go thru’ what they do for their children. Fathers will do many things also, but only the mother gets to carry the baby and feel all it’s movements for 9 months. And because the baby lies under the mothers heart, I think there is a closer contact. I bet God designed it that way, don’t you think?

Happy Mothers day to all the mom’s out there. And remember, you can be a mother with out actually giving birth. It’s you mom’s like that’s day also….