Mothers Day

So, does this mean we honor mothers or make them work? 😉

Father Peter said a very nice blessing to all mothers at the end of Mass today. He also had a very good homily about love, that followed today’s readings. He’s a nice guy and we only get him a few times a year when our regular priest is not here. Fr Peter is one of the Jesuit’s down at the Sioux Spiritual Center, south of Plainview. He is a very soft spoken, yet dynamic speaker. I always enjoy him.

But back to Mothers Day, I of course think of my Mother. It is amazing all the things Mothers will do for their offspring. I really doubt anyone else would go thru’ what they do for their children. Fathers will do many things also, but only the mother gets to carry the baby and feel all it’s movements for 9 months. And because the baby lies under the mothers heart, I think there is a closer contact. I bet God designed it that way, don’t you think?

Happy Mothers day to all the mom’s out there. And remember, you can be a mother with out actually giving birth. It’s you mom’s like that’s day also….

2 thoughts on “Mothers Day

  1. So glad you mentioned all the mom’s didn’t get to actually carry the babies. Those mom’s are just as much moms, most of the time, as a birthing mom. Moms are special! Mine was and and thinking I didn’t do too bad my self!

  2. Hope Cindy had a good mother’s day. Love the photos in the post above, looks like everything went well and you got some good photos.

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