Picked my friend from California, Mike, at the airport on Friday, about noon and don’t seem like we have slowed down much since.

It was windy cold and drizzly on Saturday morning so we headed for Medora for the poetry gathering. Stopped on the way up to visit mutual internet friends. I am getting a cold so we headed out about 6 that evening after watching the afternoon shows.

Went to church yesterday morning and rode some in the afternoon. then today we got up early to go help a neighbor over on the gumbo brand. They just ran some in a small pen and chicken caught them. Sure glad I was the cutter cuz’ them was some BIG calves. Just got home a bit ago and took a shower and Mike is showering now. Supposed to have a few over for a jam session later on. Windy and cool today. Probably got a quarter to half an inch or rain out of the wet weekend.

One thought on “Runnin’…

  1. Hope you don’t come down with the cold, it has been going around here that is for sure. Sounds like you have been keeping busy and having a good time also!

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