I’ll be darned

Found my little black bull. He was with the rest of the bulls! (insert emoticon of guy slapping forehead!) Evidently I miscounted when I sorted them. Not unusual, but usually the other way. After Gramma got home we drove to look and checked the bulls and found him so then drove over to the pairsContinue reading “I’ll be darned”

What got done today

Laramie came and we shod the navicular horse, according to Burgee and my friend Corky. Hopefully it will work. Worked on the rake and am putting a 5 wheel type axle on the front of it. Judy brought cookies for the ordination of the Bishop on Thursday and left them and had a nice visitContinue reading “What got done today”

National Day of the Cowboy

That would be today. Many will celebrate by going to a rodeo or roping, to either watch or participate. Many who do the work of the cowboy will be at work, a horse back or maybe on a machine making hay to feed the cattle and horses. What are you going to do to celabrate?Continue reading “National Day of the Cowboy”