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Me and the boys ran down to Punkin Center the other day and ate lunch and picked up some rail road ties for posts. Also some more calf feed. We dug holes for the posts yesterday and took off a gate and set a new post for it. Gramma got home about then, so she watched the boys while Beaver and I rode down south and doctored the sore footed cow. Managed to accidentally double hock her with a figure 8. Worked slick. Wish I could do it every time.

When I got back we saddled up the horse for the boys and let them ride some more.

Tate came out last night. I am loaning him some money to buy an old two horse trailer to fix up for all his tools. He s  going to measure the doors for the cupboard and the fronts for the cabinets. Also he will take home the boards to make them out of he tore off the old shed.

Not sure what me and the munchkins are going to do today. Foggy and muggy. Supposed to rain some more. We got another good rain the other evening. Indian Creek is still trickling water. Amazing.

Found my little black bull. He was with the rest of the bulls! (insert emoticon of guy slapping forehead!)

Evidently I miscounted when I sorted them. Not unusual, but usually the other way. After Gramma got home we drove to look and checked the bulls and found him so then drove over to the pairs to see if there were the right number in there.

There were.

So then we drove around, opened a gate or two so the pairs could drift to new grazing. Lots of grasshoppers. I have put bait out for them the last 3 years. Evidently it didn’t work or I didn’t put out enough. Good thing the Good Lord sent us plenty of rain so we got grass enough to share with the little boogers! The flash grazing I did with the heifers, earlier, didn’t seem to slow the growth down  in those pastures. They sure look good.

We found one of Chances old cows off by herself with her calf with a bad foot so I will have to go doctor her. I’d go now, but there is a storm brewing. Got a good shot of rain the other evening. Quarter to half an inch it looked like. I had the boys riding in the corral today so maybe tomorrow they can poke along and I can ride down and rope the old girl and give her some medicine.

Weeded on the jungle, other wise known as the greenhouse. Man, do we have tomato plants! Also some green tomatoes on them, but you can’t hardly walk without stepping on plants. Might have to pull the cover off the greenhouse so we can get to the tomatoes after while. The tomato plants are so thick and close together the weeds don’t stand a chance!

Here’s some pictures of a couple of my little cowpunchers. They swapped horse towards the end,. Gabe rode the grandkid saddle and Lige rode his Dad’s old Duhamel I bought for him when he was little.

Rode Beaver up the creek after Cindy got home to watch the boys. Found and doctored the bad eyed heifer but did not find the little black bull. Hmmm….

The rake works much better now, tho’ there is still an adjustment out of whack and I have to start the trip by pulling on a chain and then allowing it to trip. Wish there was some old timer around here to show me how to adjust it. Still worked good and much better than it did before. Plumb comfortable to ride on now too.

I gave Gabe, my 6 year old grandson the camera and had him take some pictures. He took over 100! Most were pretty good and lots were really good. Must have his mothers eye for taking pictures, tho’ with these new cameras it is pretty simple. Heck I even take a good one now and then! 😉


I am sorry Dick. I just assume people know about the things I write! This will show you what the crossbow is I was writing about yesterday.

Laramie came and we shod the navicular horse, according to Burgee and my friend Corky. Hopefully it will work.

Worked on the rake and am putting a 5 wheel type axle on the front of it.

Judy brought cookies for the ordination of the Bishop on Thursday and left them and had a nice visit with Cindy. Chance’s boss Johnny and his daughter stopped in  and paid for a beef and a saddle. He is borrowing my crossbow and dart for doctoring as they are having quite a bit of trouble with foot rot and he wanted to try one.

Went back out and worked on the rake some more and all I have to do now is drop the new axle in front of it and lower it onto it with the loader.

Then I rode Mijo up north and west and looked for a bull. Didn’t find him but did find a heifer who needs a shot. Maybe tomorrow afternoon after Gramma gets home.

Not real hot, kind of muggy, but not a bad day. Nice breeze until this evening.

He may have won the battle, but he lost the war.

I went over to the neighbors after Gramma got home to watch the urchins and the neighbor joined me on his horse. I pushed, he played wing man and we got smarty pants, little bull pushed out the gate and across the road. He of course immediately tried to run north to get back across the fence, but me and Beaver pursued him poste haste, while liberally applying a bull whip to his neither regions. ( that is why they call it a bull whip, after all!)

We won the war.

I am just a little bit smug about that. and Beaver was laffing!

Thanks Delbert!

That would be today. Many will celebrate by going to a rodeo or roping, to either watch or participate. Many who do the work of the cowboy will be at work, a horse back or maybe on a machine making hay to feed the cattle and horses.

What are you going to do to celabrate?

Me? I am heading to a meeting then a gathering of cowboy poets and singers.

I did some cowboyin’ yesterday with a stray bull. Didn’t go well.

Oh well, me and Woody may have lost the battle but will go back to war tomorrow or the next day!