Laramie came and we shod the navicular horse, according to Burgee and my friend Corky. Hopefully it will work.

Worked on the rake and am putting a 5 wheel type axle on the front of it.

Judy brought cookies for the ordination of the Bishop on Thursday and left them and had a nice visit with Cindy. Chance’s boss Johnny and his daughter stopped in  and paid for a beef and a saddle. He is borrowing my crossbow and dart for doctoring as they are having quite a bit of trouble with foot rot and he wanted to try one.

Went back out and worked on the rake some more and all I have to do now is drop the new axle in front of it and lower it onto it with the loader.

Then I rode Mijo up north and west and looked for a bull. Didn’t find him but did find a heifer who needs a shot. Maybe tomorrow afternoon after Gramma gets home.

Not real hot, kind of muggy, but not a bad day. Nice breeze until this evening.