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Teddy’s home!

Called the shop where my pickup (Teddy) was and they had him fixed up. So after working with the draft mares I ran to Philip, paid my banker and then paid the bill for the clutch repair and two new batteries.

Found out they have a 2011 just like Teddy, only they have bigger motors now and this has a 6 speed and they only wanted $41, 000 for it. what a deal! And they’d even give me $10,000 for Teddy!

Nawww, I’ll stick with what I got. All the power I ever need and I know who’s been driving him. ‘Sides, if I wanted to sell Teddy, I am sure I could get $14,000 or $15,000 for him.

I did fin it interesting that a neighbor priced a 2011 Ford one ton, dually 4 door, pretty much what he has now, only older, and they had it priced at $64,000. Guess I will stick with my Dodge, even if he is a “rough rider”. ๐Ÿ™‚

At these prices we will all be driving old over the road trucks to pull our trailers in a few years. Hell, you can buy a good one of them for $10,000 or less. And they will damn sure pull a stock trailer. Maybe not in the mud as well, but for $50,000 we can put up with a little inconvenience.

Sure was another nice day.

Went out this morning and worked with the new draft fillies, Rose and Rill. Rose is a sister to Ron and Rill is a sister to Roz. They both act just like their siblings. Rose is the calmer of the two and Rill is more sensitive. I just caught them, haltered them and then tied them to a solid post and petted on them and used a flag to rub them all over and get them used to being touched everywhere. the flag is made from a standard buggy whip with no popper on it, but a piece of material that has worn away so I tied a plastic sack like you get in a store when you buy something. Makes a lot of rustling noise, but there is nothing about it that will hurt them. Standard tool around here. we use them when working cattle also. Kind of a spook ’em if you need it but doesn’t have to be. Then when they accepted that and were relaxed I fed them a little grain in a bucket, then turned them loose and let them eat some more grain. Don’t see as there will be much of a problem with either of them. Right now all I want is for them to gentle down and understand I will not hurt them. then I will harness them and get them to accept the hames with all it’s straps and jangling tug chains and then drive them separately and then when they are good at that, hook them to their respective mates and drive them afoot until they are good at that. Then I will hook them up to my little chariot, in the corral. When they are good about that we will drive outside and then hook to a wagon. If I had help I could do it all in one day, but there is no sense hurrying them and getting them scared and putting a “hole” in them that I have to get them over at a later date.

When I spell checked this entry, the word “hames” showed up as a misspelling even tho’ I spelled it correctly. What a statement about this world. Some of us still drive horses and it hasn’t been that long ago that all did. But in this day and age few, let alone spell check, even know what a hame or a set of hames is.


But it’s sure a beautiful day out. Very lite breeze and the sun is shining. It can stay like this all winter and then get real nice in the spring, if I had my way!

Found a new blog the other day. Wonderful, though it is adult content. Slip over and read some of her posts and some of the older ones.

I went thru’ and added a couple and took off the ones I no longer read or that very seldom put any new posts on. Hey, that’s just the way I roll, dawg! If you want on this blogroll, you need to post more than once in a great while.

Wow! First taste of winter. Hard winds, gusts up to 60 mph or so and some snow. Doesn’t seem to be bothering the stock too much. They can get out of the worst of the wind and they have plenty of feed. ‘Bout the best we all can hope for I guess. Dean called this morning and he is out of power. We have power, but waiting on a fan for the furnace the past week or so. Good thing we have the oven in the kitchen and the pellet stove. About 29 when I looked awhile ago. Wind is supposed to die down this evening and then a gentle breeze and a little warmer for the next few days. I guess winter is here. Or maybe just a touch of fall in the air.

I got the window up and held on Purple and the back window put back on, so at least I got an outfit to drive around if I need to with 4 wheel drive and can be out of the worst of the weather while doing it. Ain’t purty but he’s paid for! ๐Ÿ™‚

Talked to the garage that has my Dodge in the shop a few minutes ago. Clutch is exploded and the input shaft is ruined. No idea what the cost will be but I guess if your gonna drive them you got to fix on them once in awhile. Probably should have gotten it fixed when it first started acting up, but doubt it would have been any cheaper other than the local mechanic could have done it and he don’t charge as much by the hour. Teddy is an 02 model and has got almost 150,000 on him and I expected to put a clutch in after 100,000, people told me. So I guess I went farther than some. Still lots cheaper than buying a new one.

Brrr. We have lost our sunny summer, in the fall. Wet and damp yesterday until afternoon and supposed to be damp and drizzly today and tomorrow with lite breezes up to 50 and 60 mph. Lovely!


Have to be up early tomorrow to go north and help a neighbor ship. O dark thirty so we can start at the crack of dawn.


What the hell is the crack of dawn anyway? And who came up with that name?


Answers people, I need answers! ๐Ÿ™‚

Haven’t posted lately as haven’t done too much to post about.

We pregged checked last Sunday. Lots of opens. so Chance hauled two loads to Philip to the sale and we decided to get them re-tested, just in case. Over half were pregged to be bred! So he hauled those back home. So when I got mine up to Belle I told the to re check these cows. Hauled up 9 and 7 were bred. I ran on to the feller who checked them, when I was coming home and told him what happened. Only thing we can figure is he was not used to checking cattle so short term bred, as we turned the bullsย  in on July 4th and pulled them out August 25. Oh well, glad we caught it. Sometimes a second opinion is sure handy.

After I hauled the open cows to Belle yesterday I stopped in at St Onge to watch the calf sale for a bit. Pretty smoky looking! As per usual, after we sold ours, the market got better. ๐Ÿ˜‰

SDRA finals are going on in Rapid this weekend. I lease a few cows from one of the stock contractors there, who I went to high school with. I should run down to watch it and give him his payment, now that we got the calves sold and I sold three of his cows.

Rained in the night. Supposed to rain some more today. Tate and Kass and boys are coming out with some friends, for the day. I gotta clean the house. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Still no word on my pickup yet. It’s at the dealership and they are busy in their shop and supposed to call when they know what is wrong with it. I guess I will keep driving their old fuel hog Ford they loaned me. It’s a duallyย  4 door automatic. Not what I am used to. Pulls the trailer okay, but you need to shift out of overdrive on any very hard pulls. I don’t think it pulls as good as my Dodge 5 speed, but then, the Dodge is not working so begger’s can’t be choosers.

Sat and watched the Texas Rangers whup the Yankee’s last night. Any of you hear me whoop when they did it? ๐Ÿ™‚

Nice fall day. Seen a whole huge flock of cranes flew over as I was moving some cows and cussing dogs. First ones I heard or seen this fall. Got to help a neighbor ship early Wednesday morning.

EVENING UPDATE!………… Chance, Hope and the boys and I took a load of cows to Philip this afternoon. When we got home this evening it was almost dark. I quickly drove Purple out to gather the horses in so I’d keep up Pilgrim to ride tomorrow. When I was bringing them in from the east, there was a beautiful red sunset and the horses trotting and loping towards it. Damn! Wish I had my camera. It was awesome!

Fr Tyler came home late last night and as is his habit he stayed up late on the couch watching TV. Then he went to sleep there. He is known for his snoring abilities. So this morning when Sam and Gus got up, they went upstairs and told their parents that there was a dinosaur in the living room, ‘cuz they could hear him! LOL

Got the calves all sold yesterday. Well, the ones we hauled down. I kept the paints and a couple small ones and a couple heifers for Tate and Kass.

Calves weighed less than last year and brought more per pound so penciled out better.

My clutch went out after we got there and got the calves unloaded. Great timing is everything. And the Lord is looking after us.

Got a loaner from the dealership and they will look at it Monday and hopefully fix it at not to high a cost. I knew the clutch or at least the shifter was getting week and had planned to get it worked on after we shipped. Just hadn’t planned on doing it quite so quick after we shipped!

We kept the cows in yesterday and last night and we are going to go preg here in a bit.

Cool this morning but not bad for October!

Chance and Hope and boys got here yesterday evening. It is fun to have little kids in the house in the morning. Noisy, but fun! ๐Ÿ™‚

We will go move some cows around today so they will be closer to gather and sort the calves off to go to the sale.

Sounds like it’s going cool off this weekend and i read murmurings of winter! Horrors!

I haven’t been doing anything to exciting. Picked up Cindy on the way down to Custer to see the kids and do a little fishing, on Sunday, with no luck.

Moved some cattle around on Monday.

Helped a neighbor ship their calves yesterday. Then Tyler came out and we looked for a turkey for him to shoot, with no luck. Then we killed a bunch of trap. He is supposed to go pheasant hunting this weekend. We are shipping our calves this weekend.

Sure has been nice weather but I think we had a frost last night. Not sure yet as it’s still dark. I transplanted 3 pepper plants and three tomato plants and brought them in the house and set them in front of the picture window. Hopefully they will all do well.

Shipping yearlings home today. I rode out yesterday and moved them a little closer to the buildings. Rained last night and supposed to rain a little more this morning. About .40 hundreds according to the weather on the interweb. Wind will blow, of course. Ahh, shipping time!