Teddy’s home!

Called the shop where my pickup (Teddy) was and they had him fixed up. So after working with the draft mares I ran to Philip, paid my banker and then paid the bill for the clutch repair and two new batteries.

Found out they have a 2011 just like Teddy, only they have bigger motors now and this has a 6 speed and they only wanted $41, 000 for it. what a deal! And they’d even give me $10,000 for Teddy!

Nawww, I’ll stick with what I got. All the power I ever need and I know who’s been driving him. ‘Sides, if I wanted to sell Teddy, I am sure I could get $14,000 or $15,000 for him.

I did fin it interesting that a neighbor priced a 2011 Ford one ton, dually 4 door, pretty much what he has now, only older, and they had it priced at $64,000. Guess I will stick with my Dodge, even if he is a “rough rider”. 🙂

At these prices we will all be driving old over the road trucks to pull our trailers in a few years. Hell, you can buy a good one of them for $10,000 or less. And they will damn sure pull a stock trailer. Maybe not in the mud as well, but for $50,000 we can put up with a little inconvenience.

Sure was another nice day.

8 thoughts on “Woohoo!

  1. My neighbor finally got smart and bought a semi and several trailers. He’d broken the frame twice that I know of on his Dodge from overloading it.

    He bought an older Volvo (it’s really pretty slick) with a Detroit – not something I’d want to drive every day, but it was cheap and Detroits are fairly reliable for a farm truck. Cats have head problems and Cummins have injector troubles long term. Freightliners are cheap, too. They’re cheap for a reason, but for limited use who cares? I’d sure stay away from the Mercedes motors as well. A float, a Timpte grain trailer and a cleated floor Merritt has him hauling about everything he needs.

  2. We were thinking about getting a new truck once the car was paid for but I have to agree with you at this point, I think we will try to get the truck through and then buy used!! I agree, I will go with inconvenience!

  3. A float, Jeffro?

    Lot of guys are buying old trucks and a flatbed. Some have went to buying older pot’s also, for those who have summer pasture a ways away. Next big jump in oil prices will have them rechecking their math tho’.

    1. Depending on how big of a load they typically hall they could come out ok with higher fuel prices. If they can make one trip vs 2 or 3 with a pickup I would think they would come out ok.

  4. Glad you got your truck back. I hate being without mine, I spend so much time in it. I can’t believe the high cpst of trucks now. A friend got a new Dodge with some hail damage, they knocked off $20,000, replaced the hood and gave him $20,000 for his old Dodge and he only had to finance $12,000. Can’t beat a deal like that I guess. I will be driving my own truck for a long time, it is almost paid off now, and I got it set up like I want it.

  5. Sorry, Robert – trucker slang… A “float” is a flatbed. A “cleated floor” is where the diamond tread floor in a pot is worn out and needs to be replaced, but small aluminum bars or cleats have been welded in the high wear areas for traction.

    Around here, the main choices for cow wagons are Wilson and Merritt – most of the drivers I know prefer the Merritts – they say the gates are weighted better and are safer. But, you’ll find someone who will argue for just about any brand out there!

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