Wow! First taste of winter. Hard winds, gusts up to 60 mph or so and some snow. Doesn’t seem to be bothering the stock too much. They can get out of the worst of the wind and they have plenty of feed. ‘Bout the best we all can hope for I guess. Dean called this morning and he is out of power. We have power, but waiting on a fan for the furnace the past week or so. Good thing we have the oven in the kitchen and the pellet stove. About 29 when I looked awhile ago. Wind is supposed to die down this evening and then a gentle breeze and a little warmer for the next few days. I guess winter is here. Or maybe just a touch of fall in the air.

I got the window up and held on Purple and the back window put back on, so at least I got an outfit to drive around if I need to with 4 wheel drive and can be out of the worst of the weather while doing it. Ain’t purty but he’s paid for! 🙂

Talked to the garage that has my Dodge in the shop a few minutes ago. Clutch is exploded and the input shaft is ruined. No idea what the cost will be but I guess if your gonna drive them you got to fix on them once in awhile. Probably should have gotten it fixed when it first started acting up, but doubt it would have been any cheaper other than the local mechanic could have done it and he don’t charge as much by the hour. Teddy is an 02 model and has got almost 150,000 on him and I expected to put a clutch in after 100,000, people told me. So I guess I went farther than some. Still lots cheaper than buying a new one.

4 thoughts on “10-27-10

  1. Kinda fresh out there isn’t it????

    Wind went down here finally. Got about a foot of it! Maybe two!

    Would you bring all them feed tubs back that blew down your way when you’re done with ’em????

    1. Foot or two of show? Damn! Yeah, I will collect them and call you to come down for them. After all, it’s your turn! 🙂

  2. Yea sounds like you should have done the clutch when it started acting up. Likely would have just been replace the plates vs input shaft and all that. I’ll make a note in the back of my mind to not make the same mistake with mine.

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