Oct 23, saturday

Haven’t posted lately as haven’t done too much to post about.

We pregged checked last Sunday. Lots of opens. so Chance hauled two loads to Philip to the sale and we decided to get them re-tested, just in case. Over half were pregged to be bred! So he hauled those back home. So when I got mine up to Belle I told the to re check these cows. Hauled up 9 and 7 were bred. I ran on to the feller who checked them, when I was coming home and told him what happened. Only thing we can figure is he was not used to checking cattle so short term bred, as we turned the bulls  in on July 4th and pulled them out August 25. Oh well, glad we caught it. Sometimes a second opinion is sure handy.

After I hauled the open cows to Belle yesterday I stopped in at St Onge to watch the calf sale for a bit. Pretty smoky looking! As per usual, after we sold ours, the market got better. 😉

SDRA finals are going on in Rapid this weekend. I lease a few cows from one of the stock contractors there, who I went to high school with. I should run down to watch it and give him his payment, now that we got the calves sold and I sold three of his cows.

Rained in the night. Supposed to rain some more today. Tate and Kass and boys are coming out with some friends, for the day. I gotta clean the house. 😦

Still no word on my pickup yet. It’s at the dealership and they are busy in their shop and supposed to call when they know what is wrong with it. I guess I will keep driving their old fuel hog Ford they loaned me. It’s a dually  4 door automatic. Not what I am used to. Pulls the trailer okay, but you need to shift out of overdrive on any very hard pulls. I don’t think it pulls as good as my Dodge 5 speed, but then, the Dodge is not working so begger’s can’t be choosers.

Sat and watched the Texas Rangers whup the Yankee’s last night. Any of you hear me whoop when they did it? 🙂

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