Sunday Oct 17, 10

Got the calves all sold yesterday. Well, the ones we hauled down. I kept the paints and a couple small ones and a couple heifers for Tate and Kass.

Calves weighed less than last year and brought more per pound so penciled out better.

My clutch went out after we got there and got the calves unloaded. Great timing is everything. And the Lord is looking after us.

Got a loaner from the dealership and they will look at it Monday and hopefully fix it at not to high a cost. I knew the clutch or at least the shifter was getting week and had planned to get it worked on after we shipped. Just hadn’t planned on doing it quite so quick after we shipped!

We kept the cows in yesterday and last night and we are going to go preg here in a bit.

Cool this morning but not bad for October!

2 thoughts on “Sunday Oct 17, 10

  1. Must be the time of year for things to go wrong with vehicals, the hubbies company truck wouldn’t start after work Friday and had to call for a loaner and have it hauled out from the city. Took him until 8:30 before he finally got home from work! At least you got there with no problems;) Just a pain in the butt!

  2. Sounds like shipping went well. Hope the truck is an easy and inexpensive fix and you will get it back soon. I hate not having my own truck. Hope everything goes well this fall.

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