Monday, Oct 18, 10

Nice fall day. Seen a whole huge flock of cranes flew over as I was moving some cows and cussing dogs. First ones I heard or seen this fall. Got to help a neighbor ship early Wednesday morning.

EVENING UPDATE!………… Chance, Hope and the boys and I took a load of cows to Philip this afternoon. When we got home this evening it was almost dark. I quickly drove Purple out to gather the horses in so I’d keep up Pilgrim to ride tomorrow. When I was bringing them in from the east, there was a beautiful red sunset and the horses trotting and loping towards it. Damn! Wish I had my camera. It was awesome!

Fr Tyler came home late last night and as is his habit he stayed up late on the couch watching TV. Then he went to sleep there. He is known for his snoring abilities. So this morning when Sam and Gus got up, they went upstairs and told their parents that there was a dinosaur in the living room, ‘cuz they could hear him! LOL

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