Went out this morning and worked with the new draft fillies, Rose and Rill. Rose is a sister to Ron and Rill is a sister to Roz. They both act just like their siblings. Rose is the calmer of the two and Rill is more sensitive. I just caught them, haltered them and then tied them to a solid post and petted on them and used a flag to rub them all over and get them used to being touched everywhere. the flag is made from a standard buggy whip with no popper on it, but a piece of material that has worn away so I tied a plastic sack like you get in a store when you buy something. Makes a lot of rustling noise, but there is nothing about it that will hurt them. Standard tool around here. we use them when working cattle also. Kind of a spook ’em if you need it but doesn’t have to be. Then when they accepted that and were relaxed I fed them a little grain in a bucket, then turned them loose and let them eat some more grain. Don’t see as there will be much of a problem with either of them. Right now all I want is for them to gentle down and understand I will not hurt them. then I will harness them and get them to accept the hames with all it’s straps and jangling tug chains and then drive them separately and then when they are good at that, hook them to their respective mates and drive them afoot until they are good at that. Then I will hook them up to my little chariot, in the corral. When they are good about that we will drive outside and then hook to a wagon. If I had help I could do it all in one day, but there is no sense hurrying them and getting them scared and putting a “hole” in them that I have to get them over at a later date.

When I spell checked this entry, the word “hames” showed up as a misspelling even tho’ I spelled it correctly. What a statement about this world. Some of us still drive horses and it hasn’t been that long ago that all did. But in this day and age few, let alone spell check, even know what a hame or a set of hames is.


But it’s sure a beautiful day out. Very lite breeze and the sun is shining. It can stay like this all winter and then get real nice in the spring, if I had my way!

Found a new blog the other day. Wonderful, though it is adult content. Slip over and read some of her posts and some of the older ones.


I went thru’ and added a couple and took off the ones I no longer read or that very seldom put any new posts on. Hey, that’s just the way I roll, dawg! If you want on this blogroll, you need to post more than once in a great while.

5 thoughts on “10-28-10

  1. Wow, thank you for the compliment! I love your blog. I have never been to the Dakotas and I love, love, love seeing pics of people’s worlds. And did I tell you I love horses? Well, I do.

  2. Thats why we need more old bloggers! Hames..I have a set on the wall in the living room…all fancied up with a mirror.
    I enjoyed you gentleing techniques.. you will have a good pair there. It was fun to read about how you go about it:)

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