I haven’t been doing anything to exciting. Picked up Cindy on the way down to Custer to see the kids and do a little fishing, on Sunday, with no luck.

Moved some cattle around on Monday.

Helped a neighbor ship their calves yesterday. Then Tyler came out and we looked for a turkey for him to shoot, with no luck. Then we killed a bunch of trap. He is supposed to go pheasant hunting this weekend. We are shipping our calves this weekend.

Sure has been nice weather but I think we had a frost last night. Not sure yet as it’s still dark. I transplanted 3 pepper plants and three tomato plants and brought them in the house and set them in front of the picture window. Hopefully they will all do well.

One thought on “Boring

  1. We had a light frost last night also. Out in the mid west where I am from I used to see pheasant all the time and out here in the east not so much. I always seem to be in a hurry when I do see one and don’t get a picture! Sometimes boring is good!

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