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This morning, Gabe and Lige and gus helped me and we saddled up and gathered a;ll the cows into the lot east of there house, then Chance came with a bale on the tractor and lead them across the road and back down south.. weather is supposed to be good for the next week. Had two calves to tag today., so far. This afternoon I took all the big boys and went to Punkin’ Center where there was roller skating, I am getting to old for this stuff! It was fun and I think I quit when I should have, but maybe not, I’ll know tomorrow morning!

Ron and Roz. I hadn’t driven them in awhile.. it wasn’t handy using them while the cows were in the smaller lots when we thought we might get some stormy weather, but I opened the gates so they could go out east this morning. This afternoon, Sam was here so he and I went and started feeding. Tate was across the road in the hay corral milling logs and had Gabe there, so Gae jumped on with us until he had to leave. Then Sam abandoned me too.. so I finished up by myself and then made a big circle around the pasture to see if any cows were off by themselves calving. There weren’t any. Ron is having some kind of problem. He flips his nose like there are nose flies, but I know there aren’t. He was plumb goofy. When I unharnessed them I stuck my fingers in his nose and dug around, wondering if there might be something stuck up there, but didn’t find anything and when he walked out of the barn he was flipping his nose again. Darned if I know!

I worked on saddles today also. chillier but not much wind. Nice March day. Wish I was in Waverly!

Is where I went today. Met Brent at Punkin Center a bit before noon and we ate lunch then I brought him back here, he got a load of gravel on the truck and headed it home. I hauled some more big rocks back in the bucket of the skid steer for the house… this afternoon, Tate and Kass went to town for something as did Chance and Hope.. they left Gabe so after he got his homework done, he helped me feed and then we saddled up and kicked pairs out.. went well and the wind died down.. real nice evening out there… going to get below freezing tonight and there is a chance for some snow by morning and then some rain… wish I was in Waverly to watch the horse sale tomorrow.. someday…

They were calling for it, so we decided to bring the cows in that we had moved south.. had 5 new calves out there and thought it best, if they call for rain, it might turn to snow.. so yesterday we saddled up and headed south, of course two babies didn’t have their mothers with them so we had to go get them and get them to find their babies,  Chance rode by oner twice and never saw him in the tall grass, but mama finally did.. we kicked 3 pairs up the creek and left Chances wild cow’s calf out there, but of course she went back to get him.. I rode this morning and set all the gates so I could kick her across the rode, up west… but when I got there, she was no where to be found.. so I rode on home and told Chance about it and he told me of hang a cow they were sure was going to clave last night, but they couldn’t find her again. this is not a big pasture! Gus told them to “go get Grampa, he will find her!” So after I ran the horses in, Chance and Hope and Gramma and I drove around looking for her.. finally found her…… out with the other cows! She’d picked up herb baby and took him back where we moved the other cows. she had to jump out or crawl a fence, twice to do it, but she did! And then I found the other cow they thought was going to calve. She hadn’t. They claim it must have been a different cow… 😉

This afternoon, just as the rain started, of course, I rode out and had Tate start feeding hay and we got them all in behind a windbreak in case this deal changes.. the wind was blowing pretty good, but seemed to drop a little as I was just getting them al in… supposed to with in the late night early morning and really howl and still a chance of rain and then get colder tomorrow night, so I guess they will be locked in for awhile… at least until this passes…

Since last I posted.. I was busy for several days hauling in dirt for back filling and landscaping the new house, will have to haul more later, but there is enough there for now.. Tate has been fighting his mill, but seems like he’s got it all working now, he milled out several beams  or logs, yesterday afternoon.. Gramma is still chomping at the bit wanting to get it done.. but Tate has been helping Chance with an addition to their trailer they are really needing to get done.. been getting a few calves from the boys boughten cows. Guess a wild one calved and they had to tag the calf this morning, sounds like it was kind of a wild deal! I have also been working on saddles.. I went to town for an appointment with the Physical Therapist today., Looks like it’s helping and he gave me some new things to do in addition to what I have been doing.. real nice and warm the last couple days and supposed to stay that way thru’ the weekend. Then some rain coming in mid week.. hope it’s just rain and not snow.. tho’ baby calves can handle snow better than cold rain…

It got to somewhere around 70 or above here today, looks like. Hardly a breeze, just a beautiful day the Lord sent us!

Chance and I moved the cows all south, well, all but a footsore one and the little corry who has been crawling thru’ fences… I fooled her tho… I took Woody and we started south of the road in the stack where she was at, went on a merry chase out east, back west, up north and finally back to the corrals. I had the gate shut on that side and the other open on the other side. Tate had been working on the new house, so I hollered at him to come help, but he’d left… So I thought of my phone, but couldn’t reach him. I then called Kass and she came up and saved the day by shutting the one gate and opening the other.. all the while me and Woody had a loop built and a hungry look in our eyes so the rip would not leave where she was… got her in and Gramma helped me this afternoon and her horns are a lot shorter, we’ll see if that changes her attitude, if not, she is going to end up hamburger!

I rode Woody the other day gathering the cows and filling the back corral to work them down the chute and had decided he’s ready to be a kid horse, but after chasing this little rip, Nope, he’s not! 😀

I took the loader tractor and cleaned up some manure scattered around out in the hog pasture. I let the Haflies out there and it was a 3 ring circus, they bucked and jumped and ran and ran… finally the other horses up west must have heard them cuz here they come flying down the hill.  They were all standing at the back of the corral, so I slipped out and let Beaver in, so now when these kids want to ride, we got something in besides a pony they can. Also, Chance and I hauled a few calves to the sale, yesterday and also dropped a bad eyed calf and their male pup at the vets to both get fixed, went on to the sale, dropped off the calves and picked up an old horse Hope and Chance bought for their kids.. We had the vet work his teeth when we picked up the pup and the dog on the way home, so looks like we can get some kids horseback this spring.. now, if I can get someone to top off a few of these others and everybody get to riding them , we’ll be set!

I went up to Chance and Hopes this morning and Chance said he’d help me drive Wren, hooked to Ron and Roz. Marshal was there so he came along to. We got them all caught and hooked up, 3 abreast.. drove out and hooked just Ron and Wren to the wagon, with Wren tied back to Ron and Roz. Roz was just along for the drive and kind of an anchor on Wren on the outside… Didn’t go to bad until we tried to back up to a bale and Ron couldn’t pull both Wren and Roz around, to get lined up to a bale. So Chance watched them and I got Roz unhooked, Marshal took her and we commenced to backing up and getting a bale with just Wren and Ron hooked up. Chance got the gate and waited while I went and fed that bale… got that done and when headed back Wren would grab herself and take off and we had a mild kind of runaway for awhile. I just pulled Ron to the inside of the circle and after a bit she slowed up enough so I could get them stopped… I realized I did not have her tied back short enough to Ron’s hame.. so I’d go and stop, go and stop.. finally got back to the gate where Chance and Marshal were waiting, Chance shortened up the halter rope and they got on and away we went.. Chance would trade off on the lines with me as they were really pulling on your hands, hard.. by golly by the time we got the 6th bale fed, things were going good. I left them harnessed and am going out after bit and haul out some more hay for them for tomorrow, as we are going to work them all. I bet Wren will sleep real good tonight! I know I am tuckered out and my hands are sore, but it was a good deal for the team and probably for my fat old body! 😀

For those unfamiliar, this ins what 3 abreast looks like.. this was form a previous session, last year…IMG_1943

Got up in the 50’s today with not much wind until this afternoon. I got done with my morning ritual and then me and Molly went over to Bud’s to let her see sheep and see what she thinks of them. She likes them! 😀 Bud sure liked her. Tried trading me two older, started dogs for her, but I think he’s just trying to get his dog numbers down. We let her have a couples goes at them and she sure was enjoying it.

When we got back, we harnessed up and went and fed. I fed 6 bales and went about a 1/2 mile one way, each trip.. by the time we got done, them horses was acting a lot calmer! Had a bolt fall out of the new bale wagon about half way thru’ so finished up with the old bale wagon.. it sure rides better.. I need to take out some leaf spring on the new one so it rides better. It’s so stiff it jars and wiggles things and that is why the bolt fell out. I think I will put a metal tongue on it and hook up the three horse evener and start driving a colt alongside these older horses… if I had a way to have my gates all open before I started it would work better as then I would never have to get off the wagon.. but I think with the two older horses with the colt, I can get by with it…

We got Sam and Gus after school so the two boys and I went out and trimmed Charlies feet and then Gus rode him around in the shed. He’s so fat he sure don’t have any withers.. maybe I need to rig up a britchen on him like you’d use on a mule!

Found some new lessons for the guitar.. it’s amazing all the knowledge you need to memorize to be able to pick along…

Got cold and windy and a little snow last night, windchill way below zero today and tomorrow. Cindy had to go work at the polls for a special election.

We’ve been fighting our septic system.. it backed up into the bathroom. Cindy was not happy. Got the tank pumped and it did it again.. so today a guy came and rooted it out. Seems to be working now…

We got all the cows from up west and brought them in with the other cows, the other day. Neighbor called today and said he had 5 who have been in on him and today they were in his stacks.. I told him I sure wish he’d of let me know quicker as we’d just moved them. Tate and the big boys showed up about the time I went to get them, so they went with me. We let the fence down and headed them home. I took Tate and boys back to the sawmill he was working on then me and the dogs went back up and brought them on in.. got a couple pretty cool pictures of the horses strung out on the way bringing them in, tho’ the horses sure weren’t any help.. they wanted to go where we were headed and I knew they’d mess up the deal so I had to keep working to keep them back until I got the cows penned up.. I got it done and came in and back to working on leather.. waiting on some glue as I type…

Addy Bear had her 4th birthday the other day and she wanted a tea party so Gramma and I had to go to. Got pretty good picture of the 3 girl cousins at the table with their tea party.