Got up in the 50’s today with not much wind until this afternoon. I got done with my morning ritual and then me and Molly went over to Bud’s to let her see sheep and see what she thinks of them. She likes them! 😀 Bud sure liked her. Tried trading me two older, started dogs for her, but I think he’s just trying to get his dog numbers down. We let her have a couples goes at them and she sure was enjoying it.

When we got back, we harnessed up and went and fed. I fed 6 bales and went about a 1/2 mile one way, each trip.. by the time we got done, them horses was acting a lot calmer! Had a bolt fall out of the new bale wagon about half way thru’ so finished up with the old bale wagon.. it sure rides better.. I need to take out some leaf spring on the new one so it rides better. It’s so stiff it jars and wiggles things and that is why the bolt fell out. I think I will put a metal tongue on it and hook up the three horse evener and start driving a colt alongside these older horses… if I had a way to have my gates all open before I started it would work better as then I would never have to get off the wagon.. but I think with the two older horses with the colt, I can get by with it…

We got Sam and Gus after school so the two boys and I went out and trimmed Charlies feet and then Gus rode him around in the shed. He’s so fat he sure don’t have any withers.. maybe I need to rig up a britchen on him like you’d use on a mule!

Found some new lessons for the guitar.. it’s amazing all the knowledge you need to memorize to be able to pick along…

4 thoughts on “Nice!

  1. Those are some pretty horses. I hope each trip goes easier. I my daddy worked the farm with horses most of his life and your posts brings back a lot of memories. Our last horses were Bob and Prince and they are in my mind just like it was yesterday, your grandchildren will appreciate these memories all there life.

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