It’s been awhile

Since last I posted.. I was busy for several days hauling in dirt for back filling and landscaping the new house, will have to haul more later, but there is enough there for now.. Tate has been fighting his mill, but seems like he’s got it all working now, he milled out several beams  or logs, yesterday afternoon.. Gramma is still chomping at the bit wanting to get it done.. but Tate has been helping Chance with an addition to their trailer they are really needing to get done.. been getting a few calves from the boys boughten cows. Guess a wild one calved and they had to tag the calf this morning, sounds like it was kind of a wild deal! I have also been working on saddles.. I went to town for an appointment with the Physical Therapist today., Looks like it’s helping and he gave me some new things to do in addition to what I have been doing.. real nice and warm the last couple days and supposed to stay that way thru’ the weekend. Then some rain coming in mid week.. hope it’s just rain and not snow.. tho’ baby calves can handle snow better than cold rain…

4 thoughts on “It’s been awhile

    1. Actually, the weather hasn’t been real bad.. there is just a lot to do for two guys… I stay away unless asked, as I was told to do.. 😉

  1. So it takes X amount of time for your boys to get the job done, unless you come help then it takes X times n to get done. 😉

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