Used the team again

Ron and Roz. I hadn’t driven them in awhile.. it wasn’t handy using them while the cows were in the smaller lots when we thought we might get some stormy weather, but I opened the gates so they could go out east this morning. This afternoon, Sam was here so he and I went and started feeding. Tate was across the road in the hay corral milling logs and had Gabe there, so GaeĀ jumped on with us until he had to leave. Then Sam abandoned me too.. so I finished up by myself and then made a big circle around the pasture to see if any cows were off by themselves calving. There weren’t any. Ron is having some kind of problem. He flips his nose like there are nose flies, but I know there aren’t. He was plumb goofy. When I unharnessed them I stuck my fingers in his nose and dug around, wondering if there might be something stuck up there, but didn’t find anything and when he walked out of the barn he was flipping his nose again. Darned if I know!

I worked on saddles today also. chillier but not much wind. Nice March day. Wish I was in Waverly!

2 thoughts on “Used the team again

  1. Here’s something i did the other day after reading your postings. Use it ifin ya want.
    I’ve got,
    things to do..
    mostly puttering around.
    I’m scarred, battered and bruised..
    But at least I’m above ground.

    hopefully it aint been printed or such…

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