It got to somewhere around 70 or above here today, looks like. Hardly a breeze, just a beautiful day the Lord sent us!

Chance and I moved the cows all south, well, all but a footsore one and the little corry who has been crawling thru’ fences… I fooled her tho… I took Woody and we started south of the road in the stack where she was at, went on a merry chase out east, back west, up north and finally back to the corrals. I had the gate shut on that side and the other open on the other side. Tate had been working on the new house, so I hollered at him to come help, but he’d left… So I thought of my phone, but couldn’t reach him. I then called Kass and she came up and saved the day by shutting the one gate and opening the other.. all the while me and Woody had a loop built and a hungry look in our eyes so the rip would not leave where she was… got her in and Gramma helped me this afternoon and her horns are a lot shorter, we’ll see if that changes her attitude, if not, she is going to end up hamburger!

I rode Woody the other day gathering the cows and filling the back corral to work them down the chute and had decided he’s ready to be a kid horse, but after chasing this little rip, Nope, he’s not! 😀

I took the loader tractor and cleaned up some manure scattered around out in the hog pasture. I let the Haflies out there and it was a 3 ring circus, they bucked and jumped and ran and ran… finally the other horses up west must have heard them cuz here they come flying down the hill.  They were all standing at the back of the corral, so I slipped out and let Beaver in, so now when these kids want to ride, we got something in besides a pony they can. Also, Chance and I hauled a few calves to the sale, yesterday and also dropped a bad eyed calf and their male pup at the vets to both get fixed, went on to the sale, dropped off the calves and picked up an old horse Hope and Chance bought for their kids.. We had the vet work his teeth when we picked up the pup and the dog on the way home, so looks like we can get some kids horseback this spring.. now, if I can get someone to top off a few of these others and everybody get to riding them , we’ll be set!

2 thoughts on “Wow!

  1. You have been a busy rancher! 70! I want that, I guess our 40’s is better than 20’s and below. Enjoy that lovely weather.

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