Moved cows

This morning, Gabe and Lige and gus helped me and we saddled up and gathered a;ll the cows into the lot east of there house, then Chance came with a bale on the tractor and lead them across the road and back down south.. weather is supposed to be good for the next week. Had two calves to tag today., so far. This afternoon I took all the big boys and went to Punkin’ Center where there was roller skating, I am getting to old for this stuff! It was fun and I think I quit when I should have, but maybe not, I’ll know tomorrow morning!

One thought on “Moved cows

  1. That is funny, my sister called me over the weekend to tell me she was going roller skating with the grandkids. She asked me to go along, but unfortunately I couldn’t make it. (14 hours too late) 😉 Never too old to have fun, as long as you don’t fall down.

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