They were calling for it, so we decided to bring the cows in that we had moved south.. had 5 new calves out there and thought it best, if they call for rain, it might turn to snow.. so yesterday we saddled up and headed south, of course two babies didn’t have their mothers with them so we had to go get them and get them to find their babies,  Chance rode by oner twice and never saw him in the tall grass, but mama finally did.. we kicked 3 pairs up the creek and left Chances wild cow’s calf out there, but of course she went back to get him.. I rode this morning and set all the gates so I could kick her across the rode, up west… but when I got there, she was no where to be found.. so I rode on home and told Chance about it and he told me of hang a cow they were sure was going to clave last night, but they couldn’t find her again. this is not a big pasture! Gus told them to “go get Grampa, he will find her!” So after I ran the horses in, Chance and Hope and Gramma and I drove around looking for her.. finally found her…… out with the other cows! She’d picked up herb baby and took him back where we moved the other cows. she had to jump out or crawl a fence, twice to do it, but she did! And then I found the other cow they thought was going to calve. She hadn’t. They claim it must have been a different cow… 😉

This afternoon, just as the rain started, of course, I rode out and had Tate start feeding hay and we got them all in behind a windbreak in case this deal changes.. the wind was blowing pretty good, but seemed to drop a little as I was just getting them al in… supposed to with in the late night early morning and really howl and still a chance of rain and then get colder tomorrow night, so I guess they will be locked in for awhile… at least until this passes…

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