Got cold and windy and a little snow last night, windchill way below zero today and tomorrow. Cindy had to go work at the polls for a special election.

We’ve been fighting our septic system.. it backed up into the bathroom. Cindy was not happy. Got the tank pumped and it did it again.. so today a guy came and rooted it out. Seems to be working now…

We got all the cows from up west and brought them in with the other cows, the other day. Neighbor called today and said he had 5 who have been in on him and today they were in his stacks.. I told him I sure wish he’d of let me know quicker as we’d just moved them. Tate and the big boys showed up about the time I went to get them, so they went with me. We let the fence down and headed them home. I took Tate and boys back to the sawmill he was working on then me and the dogs went back up and brought them on in.. got a couple pretty cool pictures of the horses strung out on the way bringing them in, tho’ the horses sure weren’t any help.. they wanted to go where we were headed and I knew they’d mess up the deal so I had to keep working to keep them back until I got the cows penned up.. I got it done and came in and back to working on leather.. waiting on some glue as I type…

Addy Bear had her 4th birthday the other day and she wanted a tea party so Gramma and I had to go to. Got pretty good picture of the 3 girl cousins at the table with their tea party.




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