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Cindy called me yesterday when i got home from my gig. Her car had an oil leak. so we decided we’d leave it at her favorite mechanic’s and I’d come pick her up. we ate a nice meal and then went over to spearfish and got a trampoline for her and the grandkids…I also got one of them “smart” phone.. It sure is, it’s smarter than me, tho’ that don’t take a lot…we got it set up this afternoon after Mass. Chance and Hope came along in the nick of time so it went pretty smooth. we all had to try jumping on it except Hope who was a weenie….then Gabe and I rode down south to try and finish up the yearling saga…you know, the two that were out on the road but we couldn’t find. they had turned into a neighboring pasture evidently and I saw them while coming home yesterday and had plans to go get them, but then Cindy called….so, we head down south and when we get to one of the dams, here are a bunch of the neighbors cows and calves. we shoved them back toward their pasture and then shut some gates to keep them closer. Some were real insistent that they wanted to go east, but we got them headed. then we rode around and shut the gates to hold them, rode into the neighbors, and found where the fence was knocked down, letting the cow into our pasture… and finally found the other two steers in another pasture. Got them back into one of our pastures and pushed them on to the one with their mates. When we got to the next pasture, here were a bunch of cattle where they weren’t supposed to be… turned out to be more of the neighbors… so that’s why them cows wanted to go east! Their calves were over there….there were a few calves mixed in with our yearlings, so while they settled, I loped back and let the cows back into the pasture where their calves were, and then loped back..I got most of the calves sorted off and left the last one or two to go back when their mothers called them back, they ought to get back together in the night…just a three wire fence and it ain’t real tight in a few spots… any cow who can’t get her calf back ain’t worth her salt! We headed for home opening gates to fresh grass for our steers and saw Chance who had come looking for us in Purple…we had been quite a bit longer than expected. We got home just before dark and put the horses away and ate a bite then Hope and Fr Tyler- who had arrived about that time- helped me set up the new phone…for some reason I am tired….but not as tired as the horse I was riding….

The southern ones- They and their parents live in Custer- went and moved the steers on to the other bunch this morning. then we rode thru’ them all looking for bad eyes and crips,. didn’t find any…now they are showering.. Man! You didn’t want to be riding down wind of them little boogers! πŸ˜‰

Oh, I tried to trim Charlies back feet too……that didn’t go so well….so when we got back, we had a training session, you can trim them now!

As in cows with out a calf at their side, for one reason or another. Chance and I and them hooligans running around here, brought the fresh steers in who had the dry’s running with them. We sorted off the cows and kicked the steers across the road. Hopefully I can roust the troops tomorrow and move them on to the other steers. We came back and loaded 3 dry’s up and hauled them to St Onge to the sale. They did well until you go to price a new pickup, or any farm equipment. we are not making any more money, we are just handling more of it and are probably not doing as well as when we thought times were tuff! But hey, it ain’t just about the money, is it? Or is it?

I have a family reunion gig tomorrow afternoon. Short, sweet and hopefully a nice audience…. I just hate it when they boo and hiss, but it is still better than throwing rotten fruit and veggies at me….

The boys been riding them. They wear Grampa out! They boys, not the ponies!

Got a call we had a couple yearlings trotting down the road, south. we looked and looked but didn’t find them. If you see a couple of scroungy little Hereford steers, give me a call.. they have a blotched brand on the right side, probably towards the flank. they guy who owns them isn’t too particular about his brands, for some reason. I guess some forget a brand is a return address….

Took off on Friday morning, dropped Gabe at his folks and rolled on down to Hot Springs. Had a great time, tho’ it got pretty wet Friday night and Saturday evening. I got to sleep in a re-built sheep wagon both nights. Great bed and a handy RV! I went to Mass in Hot Spring Sunday morning and then ran back to Custer, picked up Lige and Gabe and brought them home with me. then this morning I got up early and headed north to help a neighbor pair out some cows and calves for summer pasture. We got done with most of the sorting about 2:30 and came in for lunch then paired a few more off and trailed the smaller bunch north to their pasture. I got home after 6 this evening, doctored on Roz’s eye and have playing catchup on the computer… may have a branding tomorrow…

Gabe and Sam to be exact, moved the pairs back up north this evening…Gabe and I went and got salt and stuff at Punkin’ Center this morning, ate some lunch and then hauled salt out. a friend stopped in this afternoon and visited with me while I did some leather work…one project about done, more to go…I am heading to Hot Springs tomorrow for a gig down there this weekend at the Allen Ranch. Ought to be fun…

Saturday afternoon/evening we went in to a wedding. We went early and took Chance as Hope made the cake and wanted him in there to help set it up. she and her sister build cakes, mostly out of her sisters house in Rapid. They have been extremely busy this time of the year….

Sunday we went to Mass and then headed to hill City where I had a gig and then rushed home for company coming in early for our branding on Monday. Mick and Raymond both came in that evening as did Dusty and Tris and Tate and Kass and family…we had a great jam session that evening, up real early the next day. Cindy made biscuits and gravy for a whole passel of folks and started serving at 6 or a bit before. We got all the local help and a few from quite a ways off and went and gathered, sorted cows off and dry’s and steers, then we went to branding. we were done about one and had a blast, maybe the best crew ever…Cindy had Indian taco’s for lunch and 4 of our crew had left early for one reason or another, so there sure was plenty and lots of cool drinks. The last one finally left about 9 last night. Raymond and Dusty and Tris stayed over… after a light late breakfast, Raymond and Gabe ad I rode out and looked at the cattle. Every thing seemed fine…when we got back Dusty was catching colts he’d brought along so he caught Brody, my colt from last year I started so he could top him off for me so i could get to riding him…sure glad he did as he is bigger, stronger and had some buck, he caught Dusty off guard and got him bucked off… I worked him with the flag pretty hard as he wasn’t just playing and I don’t want him to get the idea he can do that…Dusty got back on and worked him some more and I rode him a bit. Dusty took him with him and will ride him for a week for me.. he does a good job so I am anxious to get him back. I sent Crackerjack home with Tris for some riding.. he’s been doing a good job helping Dusty and is almost as big as Dusty… funny how them kids grow when you ain’t watching them!

I have a gig this Friday/Saturday at Hot Springs..Gabe and I will probably move the pairs back tomorrow… need to get more salt hauled out also…for some reason, I am guessing lack of sleep, I am tired tonight!

I worked on a pair of Armita’s for a friend and then this afternoon, Gabe and I caught up Patrick the pony and he rode him. I rigged up a heavier bosal and jury rigged a britchen on the saddle so it wouldn’t pull over his front end when he was pulling on his hard, stubborn little face. Gus showed up so after Gabe had him going good, Gus got on him, Gabe caught up Charlie, I caught Mijo and switched Gus to Beav andΒ  we rode out to move all the yearlings back into the pasture south of the house they were supposed to be in.. not sure how some got back, but we moved them back… like herding cat’s trying to keep them two boys lined out and riding their horses right, but when i had to lope off and leave them, they handled their end well…Hope is having a party so I have the boys and I fed them pancakes… none have rushed into the house in awhile so i better go check on them…..

We got it done. Gabe and Sam and I rode up west and moved all the pairs into the lower part of Harry’s. then we rode back, got the gates all set and brought the crazy spayed heifers into the corral, at which point I took Sam out of the game as he was more hindrance than help, but what can you expect from a 5 year old on a horse who can’t hardly feel him kick or move the reins? πŸ˜€

We got Hope and Cindy to guard the road on either side of our gates and I set the gates, Gabe brought them out slow and easy and it went incredibly well, seeing as we had a little run with them getting them out of the pasture… oh well, when you’ve got a good plan, good help and the Lord is smiling on you, it’s amazing what you can accomplish! πŸ˜€

Gabe is doing a real good job on the little bay [pony and learning a lot in the process. Both boys were good help at the branding yesterday. I can hardly wait to cowboy with my grandson’s when they all are ahorseback and handy….

Saturday morning Gabe and I cleaned up, loaded up in Cindy’s outfit and headed north to Sentinal Butte to do a benefit gig, trying to help raise some money for Lon and Cathy Davis. Cathy had breast cancer and has it on the run but no insurance….we had rain the night before and road north of Red Owl was 4 wheel drive traffic! It was wet and rained on us several times on the trip up. We got there about 2:30 with a stop in Medora to peddle some CD’s and Books at the book store there….and some food at Cowboy Cafe…Drove out to Steve and Deb Wenigers and had a short visit, then met up with Paul Woods back at the hall in Sentinel Butte and had a short but good visit. an old highschool chum, John Hall lives close so he stopped over and I got to meet his bride and have a short catch up…hope to see more of them at an upcoming reunion at some point. Of course I saw quite a few folks I knew from that area, Kim Shade, George and Sid Hegge and met some new ones. The sound sucked and my voice was weak so I didn’t play very long, which was fine as most just wanted to drink and visit….we left about 6 and got home about midnight…stopped and fueled up and got more food when we turned south of the Interstate…then we got up early and loaded horses in the trailer and went and helped the McTighes brand yesterday. Chance and Gus went along also… I slept good last night! And long! We got the wall tent up for our branding this morning and done a little fencing, more to do and maybe move some cattle around after dinner….