We got it done. Gabe and Sam and I rode up west and moved all the pairs into the lower part of Harry’s. then we rode back, got the gates all set and brought the crazy spayed heifers into the corral, at which point I took Sam out of the game as he was more hindrance than help, but what can you expect from a 5 year old on a horse who can’t hardly feel him kick or move the reins? 😀

We got Hope and Cindy to guard the road on either side of our gates and I set the gates, Gabe brought them out slow and easy and it went incredibly well, seeing as we had a little run with them getting them out of the pasture… oh well, when you’ve got a good plan, good help and the Lord is smiling on you, it’s amazing what you can accomplish! 😀

Gabe is doing a real good job on the little bay [pony and learning a lot in the process. Both boys were good help at the branding yesterday. I can hardly wait to cowboy with my grandson’s when they all are ahorseback and handy….