Saturday afternoon/evening we went in to a wedding. We went early and took Chance as Hope made the cake and wanted him in there to help set it up. she and her sister build cakes, mostly out of her sisters house in Rapid. They have been extremely busy this time of the year….

Sunday we went to Mass and then headed to hill City where I had a gig and then rushed home for company coming in early for our branding on Monday. Mick and Raymond both came in that evening as did Dusty and Tris and Tate and Kass and family…we had a great jam session that evening, up real early the next day. Cindy made biscuits and gravy for a whole passel of folks and started serving at 6 or a bit before. We got all the local help and a few from quite a ways off and went and gathered, sorted cows off and dry’s and steers, then we went to branding. we were done about one and had a blast, maybe the best crew ever…Cindy had Indian taco’s for lunch and 4 of our crew had left early for one reason or another, so there sure was plenty and lots of cool drinks. The last one finally left about 9 last night. Raymond and Dusty and Tris stayed over… after a light late breakfast, Raymond and Gabe ad I rode out and looked at the cattle. Every thing seemed fine…when we got back Dusty was catching colts he’d brought along so he caught Brody, my colt from last year I started so he could top him off for me so i could get to riding him…sure glad he did as he is bigger, stronger and had some buck, he caught Dusty off guard and got him bucked off… I worked him with the flag pretty hard as he wasn’t just playing and I don’t want him to get the idea he can do that…Dusty got back on and worked him some more and I rode him a bit. Dusty took him with him and will ride him for a week for me.. he does a good job so I am anxious to get him back. I sent Crackerjack home with Tris for some riding.. he’s been doing a good job helping Dusty and is almost as big as Dusty… funny how them kids grow when you ain’t watching them!

I have a gig this Friday/Saturday at Hot Springs..Gabe and I will probably move the pairs back tomorrow… need to get more salt hauled out also…for some reason, I am guessing lack of sleep, I am tired tonight!

2 thoughts on “Busy…

  1. Man I wish I’d of been there. Next year I need to make another trip to the Dakotas. Wonder if I could make it in 2 days hauling a horse?

    1. You could but they’d be long days, bring an extra person along and share the driving….maybe Robin or one of that crew?

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