Lots of exercise

Cindy called me yesterday when i got home from my gig. Her car had an oil leak. so we decided we’d leave it at her favorite mechanic’s and I’d come pick her up. we ate a nice meal and then went over to spearfish and got a trampoline for her and the grandkids…I also got one of them “smart” phone.. It sure is, it’s smarter than me, tho’ that don’t take a lot…we got it set up this afternoon after Mass. Chance and Hope came along in the nick of time so it went pretty smooth. we all had to try jumping on it except Hope who was a weenie….then Gabe and I rode down south to try and finish up the yearling saga…you know, the two that were out on the road but we couldn’t find. they had turned into a neighboring pasture evidently and I saw them while coming home yesterday and had plans to go get them, but then Cindy called….so, we head down south and when we get to one of the dams, here are a bunch of the neighbors cows and calves. we shoved them back toward their pasture and then shut some gates to keep them closer. Some were real insistent that they wanted to go east, but we got them headed. then we rode around and shut the gates to hold them, rode into the neighbors, and found where the fence was knocked down, letting the cow into our pasture… and finally found the other two steers in another pasture. Got them back into one of our pastures and pushed them on to the one with their mates. When we got to the next pasture, here were a bunch of cattle where they weren’t supposed to be… turned out to be more of the neighbors… so that’s why them cows wanted to go east! Their calves were over there….there were a few calves mixed in with our yearlings, so while they settled, I loped back and let the cows back into the pasture where their calves were, and then loped back..I got most of the calves sorted off and left the last one or two to go back when their mothers called them back, they ought to get back together in the night…just a three wire fence and it ain’t real tight in a few spots… any cow who can’t get her calf back ain’t worth her salt! We headed for home opening gates to fresh grass for our steers and saw Chance who had come looking for us in Purple…we had been quite a bit longer than expected. We got home just before dark and put the horses away and ate a bite then Hope and Fr Tyler- who had arrived about that time- helped me set up the new phone…for some reason I am tired….but not as tired as the horse I was riding….

2 thoughts on “Lots of exercise

  1. I sure hope you have netting around that trampoline, I always hear horrible stories about children that fall off or hit their heads on the side and get seriously hurt. So take care! Now you are even smarter than I am, both kids have smart phones and Matt and I still have the regular flip phone, I wanted a smart phone so that I could LOOK smart, but the hubby wanted to have the easy, simple phone that didn’t take any smarts to work it! 🙂

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