I worked on a pair of Armita’s for a friend and then this afternoon, Gabe and I caught up Patrick the pony and he rode him. I rigged up a heavier bosal and jury rigged a britchen on the saddle so it wouldn’t pull over his front end when he was pulling on his hard, stubborn little face. Gus showed up so after Gabe had him going good, Gus got on him, Gabe caught up Charlie, I caught Mijo and switched Gus to Beav and  we rode out to move all the yearlings back into the pasture south of the house they were supposed to be in.. not sure how some got back, but we moved them back… like herding cat’s trying to keep them two boys lined out and riding their horses right, but when i had to lope off and leave them, they handled their end well…Hope is having a party so I have the boys and I fed them pancakes… none have rushed into the house in awhile so i better go check on them…..

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