Me and the boys

The southern ones- They and their parents live in Custer- went and moved the steers on to the other bunch this morning. then we rode thru’ them all looking for bad eyes and crips,. didn’t find any…now they are showering.. Man! You didn’t want to be riding down wind of them little boogers! 😉

Oh, I tried to trim Charlies back feet too……that didn’t go so well….so when we got back, we had a training session, you can trim them now!

3 thoughts on “Me and the boys

    1. It was pretty short and sweet, I roped his hind foot with a soft nylon rope with a metal honda for quick and easy relaes of pressure, then I took a hold of his foot woith a dally aroundf my saddle horn and he was quick to back up to pressure. took just a little while and he was standing beside my horse so i just picked the foot up with the rope and held it for a few seconds until he quit struggling against the pressure and when he would stand and hold it I gave him release… a couple times of that and he understood. I had to get off and do the other foot while AI was a foot and it took a bit longer as I didn’t have the advantage of height like when i was on horse back… when I went to trim him he understood to not struggle against my trying to pick a foot up. He stood well on one foot, not quite as good on the other, which is normal…

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