Here and there…

Saturday morning Gabe and I cleaned up, loaded up in Cindy’s outfit and headed north to Sentinal Butte to do a benefit gig, trying to help raise some money for Lon and Cathy Davis. Cathy had breast cancer and has it on the run but no insurance….we had rain the night before and road north of Red Owl was 4 wheel drive traffic! It was wet and rained on us several times on the trip up. We got there about 2:30 with a stop in Medora to peddle some CD’s and Books at the book store there….and some food at Cowboy Cafe…Drove out to Steve and Deb Wenigers and had a short visit, then met up with Paul Woods back at the hall in Sentinel Butte and had a short but good visit. an old highschool chum, John Hall lives close so he stopped over and I got to meet his bride and have a short catch up…hope to see more of them at an upcoming reunion at some point. Of course I saw quite a few folks I knew from that area, Kim Shade, George and Sid Hegge and met some new ones. The sound sucked and my voice was weak so I didn’t play very long, which was fine as most just wanted to drink and visit….we left about 6 and got home about midnight…stopped and fueled up and got more food when we turned south of the Interstate…then we got up early and loaded horses in the trailer and went and helped the McTighes brand yesterday. Chance and Gus went along also… I slept good last night! And long! We got the wall tent up for our branding this morning and done a little fencing, more to do and maybe move some cattle around after dinner….

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