As in cows with out a calf at their side, for one reason or another. Chance and I and them hooligans running around here, brought the fresh steers in who had the dry’s running with them. We sorted off the cows and kicked the steers across the road. Hopefully I can roust the troops tomorrow and move them on to the other steers. We came back and loaded 3 dry’s up and hauled them to St Onge to the sale. They did well until you go to price a new pickup, or any farm equipment. we are not making any more money, we are just handling more of it and are probably not doing as well as when we thought times were tuff! But hey, it ain’t just about the money, is it? Or is it?

I have a family reunion gig tomorrow afternoon. Short, sweet and hopefully a nice audience…. I just hate it when they boo and hiss, but it is still better than throwing rotten fruit and veggies at me….

One thought on “Dry’s

  1. You are so colorful in your descriptions.
    Love your life. Glad you share! Do good tomorrow or at least be good at ducking!

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