An internet friend from Nevada, who has been working over in this neck of the woods, stopped in yesterday morning. I put him to work. Made him ride a good horse and help me move some cows, bring in a bummed calf and rope and doctor a yearling heifer. We had fun. Fed him a fresh burritto and pico for dinner and shishkabobs for supper.

My sister from Switzerland has been in this country visiting , so Cindy brought her home with her yesterday afternoon. She and I rode this morning and it started to rain so we came in and just putted around this afternoon. Cindy has been making up a batch of bread for the upcoming cow work, so she made a fresh batch of dough this evening and fried some up and we had Indian Taco’s. Mmmm!

We be eatin’ good!

Got another friend flying in to spend a week, from California. We met over the internet also, on the same chat board as the first guest. There should be quite a few from the Ranch Country board meeting up at Devil’s Tower this Sunday for the annual poetry event. It starts at 1 pm at the picnic area below the tower. and goes until about 4.

I enjoy visitors. Especially if they are as nice as these guys!

4 thoughts on “Visitors

  1. Oh you are just waiting to see me and you know it!!!!! I think we are coming if MJ doesn’t get a better offer! Glad you enjoyed Logan. We did too.


    1. Dang right I am wanting to see you. Might even give your wife a hug! πŸ˜‰

      Better come. sounds like we will have a fun crew there!

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