MY sister from Switzerland has been visiting over here since the middle of July. She rode out from town with Cindy on Sunday afternoon and has been enjoying her visit. She had been staying at my brothers and had the use of a car for the first part of her visit, so she has been hither and yon all this time. But only once out here. When we were younger and first found out we had siblings we were not raised with, she came over to the US with another sister who was raised separately from all the rest of us. 5 siblings raised in three places, just for the record. Anyway, when Brigette was her at the age of 19, she fell in love with the life her and stayed for a year, until the government forced her to return home. She has been back a couple times in the remaining years up to now, but only fort short visits. This is her third time and she wanted to re-live her youth when she would ride with me and go along and help with the work I do. Of course, just like all of us she has aged, so riding a horse was something that was not as easy as when she was 19. So I put her on Beaver and he of course took good care of her, as he does everyone. She helped me move some cows yesterday and enjoyed it. Then Fr Tyler came to visit. He had been gone to Spain for World Youth day and we hadn’t seen him for several weeks. We all sat around the fire last night, waiting for it to burn down to coals so we could grill some steak. Fr Tyler brought some cigars and we sat and smoked and relaxed and enjoyed the company until the food was ready then ate a meal of home grown steak, home made bread and cucumbers and onions in vinegar. The wall tent I had ordered arrived yesterday afternoon, so all pitched in and we got it up, tho’ not quite as I had planned as I didn’t have enough long poles, as I had thought. But it is up and will protect people from the elements who want to stay in it.

I will be taking Brigette back to town and then going to pick up a friend Mike, from California who is coming to visit for a bit. We are working calves on Friday and of course have the gig at Devils Tower on Sunday. I will take Mike to see Mt Rushmore today and any other spot he might want to look at around the Black Hills. Then tomorrow, his butt is in the saddle and it’s work for him! 😉

4 thoughts on “Family

  1. I must have missed the post on how 5 kids were raised 3 different places. And different countries to boot! Just curious how you found one another – I have a good friend who gave a child up for adoption in high school. She has now made contact with him but her husband isn’t on board to have him meet their kids………..any inspiring words to help him come around?

    1. If he doesn’t want to, don’t force him. Just because you are blood relations doesn’t mean you will be friends.Got any cousin’s you don’t like? 😉

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