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The other day I told Cindy that seeing as she was out of a job, we ought to just take off and travel, so we did. Went to Wyoming and spent time with friends and relatives. went thru’ souther Yellowstone on the way out and northern part on the way back.. we left on Friday and just got back tonight, Monday evening.. drove about 1300 miles, but only had to get a motel one night and didn’t have to buy many meals.. so a pretty cheap trip. We spent the night in Cooke City last night and this morning drove over Bear Tooth pass and on to the Medicine Wheel, something I’ve wanted to see all my life, way up high in the northern Bighorns… had to hike in a mile and a half and I only had my boots so my feet are a little sore, but well worth it.. it’s cool spiritual place… we stopped in Sheridan and I think for the first time ever I went into Kings and didn’t buy a thing, but Cindy did! 😀
We stopped at Sheridan leather and I got a few things and got some canvas on order from Sheridan Tent and Awning to make my small teepee larger…we seen some spectacular country and for anyone wanting a spectacular drive. got from Cooke City to Red Lodge, or vice versa… wow! Charles Kauralt said once it was the most beautiful drive in the US and I sure wouldn’t argue it… good to be home and seems like everything weathered any storm that came this way while we were gone.. of course the boys were here, so I wasn’t worried…

Oh and the biggest news is Cindy got to see a bear in Yellowstone and we got photo’s and it was a grizzly… we were a lot closer than the photo’s look like but of course none turned out real well, taken thru’ the window… I sure wasn’t going to be like a lot of them fools and get out and take pictures! We saw deer, elk, buffalo and I am pretty sure we saw three moose this morning on the Medicine mountain, but seeing as they were about 2000 to 3000 feet below us and maybe a mile or more away, I can’t prove it, but they moved like horses and not cows and acted like wild animals.. so I am sure they were.. in a little meadow.. we didn’t see any wolves which was probably ok as I might have wanted to shoot them if we had! 😀

Had quite a little storm come thru’ last night.. Tate and I had been at a Men’s group and it flat rained on us coming home.. lightning shooting around..I sat around until midnight and the wind blew and there was lightning and rain.. got up this morning and we have lots of leaves and branches laying around the far… just came in from checking cows and it filled a couple dams down south and the creek is full and running water.. we drove up west and it has Indian Creek running some water.. sure don’t look like we had that much, but running water and full dams don’t lie! Good stuff. We’ll take it!

Just got back from the Artist Ride… cool weather, especially on Saturday, with a lot of wind, so it was different than the normal.. quite a few new artists… the river was up and muddy so we didn’t use it as hard as most years, but sounds like all the artists got great shots… Some guy had a drone and got some real cool looking stuff, but I don’t think they will get to use it for any art… a new consideration…Cindy went along and all of Hope and Chances family, even CJ… Dusty stopped in for a couple days and then headed back to Texas to get the rest of their stuff and get it hauled back to the ranch he is headed to west of here.. we all had a great time, but, of course, tired and going to take a few days to get over the effects! I blew a rear tire on my pickup when almost home and it wrecked the side of the box and dang neer put me in the ditch, not sure if it hurt the rim and sure was glad it did it in fairly flat ground and not down along the rivers and in the breaks… guess I will see if the insurance will cover it.. it even tore the door to the fuel tank off.. pretty new looking tires so not sure why it went, but there ain’t enough left to make a salt feeder.

Got up over 100 yesterday, C9indy said, it showed when she was coming home… not sure if it got that hot here, but I think close to it.. had a breeze, so that helped.. I didn’t get very far from the leathershop…. it has AC!

I went out this morning to look at pairs and set gates fort a move and fix some fence.. fixed a little and found a bunch of Musk thistle.. I had the spade with me, so I went to work on it.. then it got hot!@ Wow! I am out of shape! So I came in to cool off a bit and then take some water and go back and work on it a bit later on,, if it don’t get too hot..

Supposed to go announce a play day at a local arena.. it’s a fund raiser, so I said I’d do it, but warned them they needed someone there to tell me names.. I know most of the adults, but heck, I can’t even keep all MY grandkids straight on names, most of the time, let alone all the neighbor kids! Should be fun!

Yokes on the coyote chaps

Yokes on the coyote chaps


I’ve always admired Cary Schwarz leather carving.. it’s just really superb… so I got his DVD set and finally had enough courage to try some carving like his style.. this is my first attempt, on the yoke… quite a departure from what I normally do.. I am still not completely happy with my leaves, but they are getting better.. I didn’t post a photo of the back belt, but it is the first free hand floral carving I have ever done.. no pattern, just drew with the swivel knife and then used the tools to make it stand out.. it’s not great, but I was happy for a first effort…

Oh, the coyote hides? Yeah, who wouldn’t want a soft, fluffy, pretty pair of hides like this to keep your legs warm?

There was a young lady over the other day and saw these, before they were completely done and she said she wanted to pet my legs! Well, I guess that would be ok! 😀

Got as nice rain last night.. Chance and I were supposed to go down in the breaks and ship cattle, but figured with the rain out would be off as there are just gumbo trails getting out of there.. I called the guy this morning at 4:30 and he went and checked, came back and called about 5:30 and said to come on, it was pretty dry, so we hurried around ands got down there about 7… got some cattle sorted off, penned them, split the cows from the calves.. one guy had come in the way the trucks would come (there are two ways to get in there, the other is better for trucks) and said there was quite a mud hole the way he came in.. so the owner left us to sort and went to check, came back and said we’d have to wait, too muddy for trucks to come in… some the trip was a waste, had to throw them back together and turn them back out… we headed out and had a flat on Chances pickup.. he didn’t have his spare with him…. so we got some cell service, called Hope and she brought a wrench and a spare to us, we got it on and got out and made it back to Enning and ate a late lunch there.. I didn’t get much sleep last night so tried a nap but it didn’t take.. so I been working on leather.. went to the bronc match in Faith last night… Same horse that has won it the last 2 years did it again… Lunatic Fringe from Burch’s with a 90 point ride by Cole Elshire.. good show.. Casey rode along and we had a good visit, almost got washed off the road with wind and rain south of Faith… heard one neighbor got and inch and a half, we must have got around a half or so, maybe three quarters, but the mud puddles rate drying fast.. Cindy is tired of the traffic at the Rally.. she works ten days straight and she is sure looking forward to Sunday when it and she will be done.. she is going to quit in another week or so.. she has applied for a couple other, closer jobs but doesn’t seem to care if she gets them or not.. she is tired of driving, and for as long as she has done it I don’t blame her.. maybe I will have to find another job!

Been doctoring on some.. seems like there is a new case or two every time we checked… so we went amongst them today.. doctored 4 or five… second bull we’ve doctored, we may have to go get another one cuz I am sure these two ain’t doing much and the antibiotic kills the new sperm production, Hope was told… found the last cow had calved, late calver and he’s a painted up rascal! Tate is getting the walls up on the house,. creeps a little higher, all the time.. I took the big fork lift and went over and drug moss out of the dam in a couple spots yesterday, so when the kids fish they won’t get so tangled, hopefully… when I come back i stacked some rock, going to have to haul some more in, it looks like.. went to cut some weeds the other day and looked where i cut them last year and they are thicker than ever, so i quit.. not sure what to do with this gum weed, wait until it runs it’s courser, I guess. Nothing will eat it and from what I read, if they did it would probably poison them anyway… it is something that is natural to the area and seems to be worst in the old hay fields… Faith Stockshow this week, plan on going up to the bronc match on Wednesday… maybe go watch the rodeo on Saturday evening as that is when they are having some ranch bronc riding… went to a gig Friday night and got behind a combine crew for a ways on the black top road, headers hung way over, both sides… man, they can knock a lot of wheat down!

House walls are getting higher

House walls are getting higher

he's a painted up rascal

he’s a painted up rascal

Them are some wide headers

Them are some wide headers